2016 Jun 3rd - Huanchaco Peru Sea Glass Catch

by Davd and Lin at Odyssey
(Huanchaco, Peru)

Catch of about 2 hours

Catch of about 2 hours

Catch of about 2 hours
Lin's big cobalt blue sea glass
David's opaque pinkish-red
Picture-perfect sea glass here in Huanchaco

If you had visited our beach just a week earlier, you would likely have left disgusted. Even for Lin's eagle eyes, almost nothing was showing for several days. We even got skunked a couple of times. Not one piece was to be found.

Lin and I weren't disgusted though, as we've seen this beach change so many times. It might completely sand one week and the next week almost entirely rocks.

By June 3rd, waves and currents had turned over the layers and exposed the perfect size of pebbles. You can see what we found!

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June 5th Sea Glass
by: David and Lin @ Odyssey Sea Glass

Here's a few of what we found two days later. Actually got a good haul that day and have a number of more photos.

Huanchaco sea glass

beach findsbeach finds dice

Huanchaco sea glass

Huanchaco sea glass

Huanchaco sea glass

Skunked etc :)
by: David

It's hard to say where some sayings originate.
Merriam Webster defines the word as:

1 a : DEFEAT b : to prevent entirely from scoring or succeeding : SHUT OUT

So "skunked" means zero (as in sports, we got skunked would mean we didn't score a single point). Perhaps someone knows where this saying comes from? See http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/116755/what-is-the-origin-of-the-word-skunk-as-a-verb

Anyway, as you remarked, zero sea glass on a given visit does not mean that the beach is worthless from a seaglasser's standpoint.

There's a saying about the weather in certain places that also can be applied to beaches.

"If you don't like the weather in (...) wait a few hours." We used to say this in Sequim, Washington, where the weather varied a great deal within a few hours.

For beaches, you could say, "If you don't find sea glass, come back in a few hours."

That, of course, doesn't apply to all beaches. However, if a beach has been reported as having sea glass and you have gone once and found nothing, don't feel that you have been deceived. Even folks who live there find nothing on various days, whereas at other times find handfuls of decent beach glass.

Huanchaco Peru Sea Glass
by: Adele Price

Lovely finds - same here in Norfolk - all sand and nothing interesting and then the wind changes and back come the stones and seaglass!

What does skunked mean? Google says a skunk spraying its stuff - did this happen to you?!

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