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Adhesive to use with sea glass

by Karyn Vine
(New Jersey)

I have been making fused glass jewelry for years but would like to add sea glass (which I have been collecting) to my pieces.

I do not want to wire wrap the glass. I would prefer to glue it.

However, all of the glues which I have tried (including E6000) leave a dark spot on the underside of the glass which does not go away and shows through from the front of the piece.

Any suggestions on what to try?

Thanks in advance for any useful suggestions!

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Comments for Adhesive to use with sea glass

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Jun 05, 2014
Why glue leaves a spot
by: David

The surface of sea glass lookes frosted because of hundreds of tiny chips in the glass.

These chipped areas reflect light every which way giving the surface a frosted look.

When you use glue on sea glass, it fills in the tiny chips that cover the surface of the sea glass.

The glue effectively seals the frosted surface where it touches, so the frosted look caused by light reflecting off the pitted surface no longer shows.

There's no way to avoid this with glue that I know of.

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Sep 09, 2011
Sea Glass Adhesive
by: Anonymous

Do you mean this? Click on the photo to see where to buy it!

E6000 Adhesive - 3.7 Oz

Sep 08, 2011
by: K. Vine

I have searched on-line and at Michael's and can find nothing called E1000. Would you please take a photo of the item and post it for me so I know what to look for? Thanks so much for your reply!

Sep 05, 2011
Best Glue
by: Jeanie

I make sea glass angels & jewelry - I use E1000 (sold at Michael's Arts & Crafts) - Outer packaging is silver - It works great...

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