Key Largo Florida Sea Glass?

by Joanie
(United States)

My Question: Key Largo, Florida Sea Glass?

Hi Lin and David!

We are headed down to Key Largo on July 20.....I am a new subscriber to your website and I would love to know if anyone has been successful finding sea glass down there.

Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I am new to the sea glass world!

Thanks so much for your website!

Hi Joanie,

Welcome to the fans of sea glass! Be careful, balance your, sea glass, sleep, sea glass, kids, seaglass.....

As far as sea glass in the Key Largo, we have not been there ourselves and don't know much about how the beaches are set up. We don't have any verifiable reports.....hopefully, you can let us know what you find, even if it's nothing, that would be useful information.

Also ask in the gift shops down there to see if anyone has heard of where to find sea glass...the locals are a good source.

You should definitely take a look at my buddy Jim's site about Key Largo: Florida Keys Guide.

Unfortunately, he isn't into sea glass yet. However, on the above page link about beaches, he says: "Most have less sand than you might expect. Most are bordered by the "Mangroves" and probably have a few more rocks than you are used to."

The beaches that have more rocks are the best possibility. If there are any old townsites or forts, beaches adjacent to them could be good.

Check out the information on our page: Finding a Sea Glass Beach

That page shows the features to look for if possible. However, the fun really comes from the hunt and walking the beaches! Actually finding sea glass is like the frosting on the cake. Also, keep your eyes out for interesting rocks or shells, etc.

Have fun and definitely let us know what you find. Bring back some pics.

Happy Hunting,

David and Lin Schneider

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