Leicester, England - Sea Witch Sea Glass Studio

by Sarah Good
(Leicester, England, U.K. )


Leicester, England - Sea Witch Sea Glass Studio

Sea Glass Artist and supplier of genuine English sea glass to artists and craftsmen.

website: seawitchseaglass.co.uk

I am a Jewellery Designer and maker based in Leicester.

Although I live and work far from the intoxicating scent of seaspray, I am inspired by my love for the colours and textures of our Great British coastline to design and create beautiful and original items of jewellery.


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I originally studied for my B.A.Hons in glassmaking and ceramics, and that is where I developed a love for the amazing properties of glass, it was not until very recently that I have begun to develop creative ideas using the naturally recycled victorian sea glass that I collect and love so much!


I sketch ideas and take photographs to develop a palete of colours with which to work, I then select and hand drill each piece of sea glass ready for each design.

Combining the beauty and simplicity of time and tide smoothed sea glass with carefully selected toning glass beads and silver findings, I hope to bring you a rich collection of delightful and original jewellery that will capture a little of magic and mystery that is the sea!

Sea Glass

The ocean is a healing and energising natural force, I am drawn to it, as I think many are. The sheer power that nature expresses through the action of the moon, the tide and the waves leaves me spellbound every time.

That same relentless energy is ultimately the Sea Witch that magically transforms shards of discarded broken glass into the beautiful smooth and soft sea gems that some say are rarer than diamonds! (and way more ethical!!)

I regularly travel to favourite beachcombing haunts on some of the most rugged and beautiful coastline that Britain has to offer in order to collect the sea glass, pebbles and beach finds that I use in my jewellery.

Contact Info

Contact: sarah@seawitchseaglass.co.uk

Sarah Good
Leicester, England, UK
Phone contact is 0116 2245703

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