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Sea Glass Beaches on Maui

by Lindsay

Hello! My family adores collecting sea glass. Usually we spend time on California and Kauai, Hawaii beaches. But this trip we are staying on Maui, Hawaii...so, my question is:

does anyone know of any good sea glass beaches on Maui?

On the page "West Coast Sea Glass US Beaches" I saw Kihai, Maui and Lahaina, Maui listed. I love Lahaina and I'm sure we will check out both towns, but besides those two? Any information would be helpful, thanks!!!

Hi Lindsay, here's a photo from near Hookipa, Maui, an old dump. I think it's near the beach but don't know if it's close enough to have produced sea glass. Click on this link for another post on our site with a map and photo:

Dump Fresh Sea Glass Hookipa

It would be great to have you check it out...I mean, we'd much rather do it ourselves but it's too far to walk at this point!

David and Lin (Odyssey) in Los Organos, Peru

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Sep 19, 2014
Beach Glass on Maui
by: Anonymous

We found tons of beach glass in Hana on path to Red Sand Beach.

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