West Side of McCurdy Point

by Harley
(Port Angeles, WA)

N.B. Parking Lot (from Odyssey's stock of photos)

N.B. Parking Lot (from Odyssey's stock of photos)

I have hiked to this fantastic sea glass beach from the other "end"... called Cape George. The distance in miles is about the same as hiking from North Beach, but from the Cape George side you really don't start finding lots of glass until after the first mile or two.

Having been to McCurdy Point from both directions, I think I prefer the hike from North Beach because its easier walking and there is just so much glass all along the way--like you said, so hard to concentrate on making it to the point because you are seeing so much glass you want to pick it all up!

From the Cape George side there are lots of fallen trees to go over or under and many large rocks on the beach to walk on, which eventually started bugging my feet.

Anyway, on both trips from this end, we found hundreds of pieces of glass. Many places you could just stand in a spot and turn in a circle, picking up glass all around you.

We also found old bottles, intact, but not washed in the sea... just dumped over the bluff and remained on the beach since.

We found marbles, all colors of glass including red, and tons of pottery pieces.

This is a great sea glass beach but I suggest you park at North Beach, put your blinders on, and make a bee-line for the point... don't start picking up glass until you're almost close enough to throw a rock at the point.

On your way back, you can dilly-dally and grab some of the stuff you walked over on your way out. You know, when you're tired and not as anxious to bend over unless its a really good one. :-)

Great comments, Harley! Lin just chipped in, "Hey, a great business, selling blinders at North Beach!"

Now we're not going to worry about hiking in from the other end, but definitely next trip won't dilly-dally and instead we'll walk a little way around the point to check it out (and find some whole bottles)!!

We're looking forward to some more of your comments on beaches and, hopefully, some sea glass photos!!!

David (editor)

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