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If you are thinking about buying sea glass more than a few pieces at a time, please read the following page first:

Buying sea glass in bulk quantities

Note: We (David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass) only sell at certain times of the year. Currently we are in South America and not selling until later this year (2017).

Choose the color or grade you're interested in from the following list:

Blue Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

Turquoise Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Turquoise

Seafoam Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

Green Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

White Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

Mixed Colors Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

Rare and Unusual Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

Buy Sea Glass Hearts

Brown/Amber Sea Glass

Buy Sea Glass Blue

Beach Pottery & Milk Glass (Jadite)

Buy Sea Glass Beach Pottery

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Grading Sea Glass - Be sure to know your grading descriptions when you buy sea glass online.

(Click here for a complete guide to grading with photos, etc.)

1. Jewelry Grade A: Evenly and thoroughly frosted with very rounded corners. No chips, poorly-rounded corners, or visible defects. Excellent for fine jewelry.

2. Jewelry Grade B: Same qualities as A grade sea glass but with a small chip or defect visible from one side only OR more defined edges/corners. Very good for jewelry and arts.

3. Jewelry Other: May have more than one of the defects of B grade, but because of unique shape, color, or other qualities, it could make a nice jewelry piece.

4. Craft Grade A: Evenly and thoroughly frosted but with chips or defects visible from both sides, not more than 1 rough edge. Good for many art and craft projects.

5. Craft Grade B: Somewhat frosted. May have chips, defects, more than 1 rough edge. Good for mosaics and some craft projects. For a detailed look at grading, go to the Grading Sea Glass page.

Buy Sea Glass with confidence from Odyssey Sea Glass.  When you buy sea glass or buy beach glass from us, your satisfaction is our goal. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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Most people buy sea glass a few pieces at a time. Prices vary greatly based on the color, quality, and size of the sea glass.

Be very careful about buying sea glass - there is a lot of fake sea glass out there.

So before buying READ:

How to Tell if the Sea Glass is Fake


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