The Sea Glass Odyssey 

david and lin huanchaco beach sep 2016

Hello! We are David and Linda, two beachcombers who are crazy about sea glass. In 2008, we were surfing the web and realized something was missing, a real hub of information for sea glass lovers like ourselves! So, we decided to share our knowledge with fellow enthusiasts through this website.

Our mission? To provide valuable insights, tips, and resources for sea glass enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us as we continue to expand our collection, share our discoveries, and celebrate the beauty of sea glass together.

About Sea Glass

What is sea glass?Intro to Sea and Beach Glass

All about sea glassA Practical Overview

How is sea glass made?Origin of Sea Glass

Finding a Beach with Sea Glass

Worldwide Sea Glass ReportsWorldwide Reports

United States ReportsUnited States Reports

Canada ReportsCanada Reports

Finding Sea Glass - Features of a good beachFind Your Own

Collecting and Sorting

Arts and Crafts


Sea Glass Photos and Beach VideosGallery of Beach Glass Photos and Videos

Upload Any of Your Beach-Related PhotosUpload Any of Your Beach-Related Photos

Beachcombing & Beach Finds

Glass Fishing Floats

Glass Fishing Floats

Finding Agate Rocks on the Beach

Beach Agates

Finding Agate Rocks on the Beach


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