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Sea Glass and Beach Glass Crafts - Projects and Ideas That You Can Use

Are you looking for ideas on what to do with your sea glass or beach glass?

  • You may have already done some projects or you might still have your sea glass stored up in various containers around the house, garage, or attic.
  • You may not want to leave your collection stashed away in a jar (although that is pretty too), but you're not quite sure what to do with it.

From easy-to-do crafts projects on up, here you'll find unique and attractive sea glass crafts ideas!

Since sea glass shows itself best when light is coming through from behind your glass, you'll likely want a project that can be put in front of a window or other light source.

This might be a creation that can hang in a window or it could be a vase with a  light bulb or candle inside that shines through the glass.

But where to start?

You can't get started if you don't have a good idea, and some of the best ideas pop into your head when you are looking at examples of other's work.

Here on Odyssey Sea Glass, you'll find many sea glass crafts projects that others have contributed. 

Each one is worth looking at. Who knows which one will give you an idea that is just right for your collection?

Also, you can submit your crafts ideas, photos, projects, and see what others are currently doing by clicking here.

Sea Glass Crafts - Ideas, Sea Glass Projects, or Sea Glass Art Possibilities

A lot of people (including myself) like to use their beach glass and sea glass for jewelry, maybe by creating wire wrapped jewelry or creating jewelry using metalsmithing techniques. Read more...

On the other hand, a good many people don't know the techniques or have the equipment for making jewelry BUT would definitely like to create something interesting and personalized, that is, sea glass crafts.

Great! Sea glass (or "beach glass") is ideal for making gifts (for others or for yourself).

For example, I've a friend who loves to collect sea glass but she doesn't really have the time to do anything with it. 

One thing she does do, though, is to put her sea glass in cute little jars and give them as gifts as her way of saying thanks or I'm thinking of you.

You'd be amazed at how attractive sea glass crafts can be, and people love to get them because they make such unique presents. 

That's not to mention the satisfaction YOU have of knowing you're promoting recyclable, eco-friendly gifts. 

sea glass colors line

Have you tried one of these projects or another project with sea glass? Share your work with us!

Have you made one of these Sea Glass Crafts projects or one like it? We'd love for you to show off all of your hard work!

It doesn't matter if it is very basic or more complicated, we love to see them all.

Note - To upload a photo, it should be less than 1000 pixels wide.

Click here for easy instructions on resizing your photo

There are so many different possibilities with these projects, and we'd love to see what you've come up with.

Simply use this form to share your project with us. And please...share a photo of your work!

What Projects Have Other Visitors Added?

Click below to see sea glass crafts projects from other visitors to this page...

"Sea My Happy Place"Sea pottery magnets 
I put some of my sea pottery to use and glued magnets to the back of each piece. I love that I can display some of my favourite pieces in my kitchen, …

Sea my happy place 
These are two sea glass mobiles I made during the weekend. The drift wood and sea glass I found on our beaches here in Cape Breton. I used 12 …

Sea Glass Crafts by John Seo 
Try to show a hot desert picture.

For the Birds - Sea Glass Crafts 
~ sea glass project submitted by  Diane Isgrigg , Waterford, MI After many years of collecting beach glass on Lake Erie, it was time to put …

Paradise - Sea Glass Art and Crafting 
Where was this photo taken? 10km South of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.  Date, time of day, and weather conditions? July 5, 2016 …

"Renewable" Sea Glass Art 
~ Submitted by Michele Kelley Michele sent in photos of three separate art/crafts projects that are "renewable" or temporary: Sea Glass Gingerbread …

Display Your Beach Finds on DIY Shelves 
~ submitted by David from OdysseySeaGlass in Huanchaco, Peru, South America Do It Yourself - or DIY Beach Finds Display Here is another example of …

Sea Glass & Tile End Table 
~ sea glass craft submitted by Katie Olmstead in Seabrook Beach, New Hampshire  USA Sea glass end table is something special: My 23 year …

Sea Glass Menageries 
~ by Ole in Seattle, WA This bracelet is made with glass found on local beaches Some of the glass is not quite 100% but looks nice anyway. …

Sea Glass Wind Chimes1 
~ submitted by Laura in Lake Forest California I love making sea glass wind chimes or mobiles. I usually buy a wind chime and recreate it with …

Sea Glass Magnets 
~ submitted by   Lynne   in Milford, Connecticut, USA Great for quick and easy projects. Flexible Magnet Squares With Adhesive …

Sea Glass Tree 
~ sea glass project submitted by Kelly Thaden in Austin, Texas "For this tree, I used a glass plate for the backing. Then I glued the glass on …

Shelves of Driftwood with Sea Glass and Beach Finds 
~ craft project submitted by David from Huanchaco, Peru David made these shelves and hung them on our living room wall - in less than an hour. I was …

Sea Glass Art - Memories in a Bowl 
~ by Julie - Sydney, Australia I am an artist that has been collecting sea glass for some time.   Last year I began studying leadlight making …

Woodland Hills CA - Dr. Jack's Sea Glass Art 
Dr.Jack's Sea Glass Art Jack Sierad in woodland Hills California I make mosaics made with sea glass as well as jewelry. I discovered Sea Glass 8 …

Click here to write your own.


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