Sea Glass Tree

by Kelly Thaden
(Austin Texas)

Sea Glass Tree on Clear Glass Plate

Sea Glass Tree on Clear Glass Plate

~ sea glass project submitted by Kelly Thaden in Austin, Texas

"For this tree, I used a glass plate for the backing.

Then I glued the glass on with E6000 .

I didn't use a stand, it is just leaning against my window.

On my other tree, I used thin Plexiglass and made a stand."

~ sea glass project submitted by Kelly Thaden

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Previous Comments for Sea Glass Tree

great job!
by: lynne

very peaceful- enchanting!

Sea Glass Tree
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your compliments on my trees.

The one that is on the plate is just sitting in the ledge of my window.

As for the other tree, I only use one piece of the plexiglass, and it needs to be the thin kind.

Since I made it, I haven't been able to find any that thin.

You can use thicker but it is harder to cut the tree shape.

I wish I had better pieces of glass to use, but my supply of really good glass is limited since I live in Texas!

Sea glass Christmas tree
by: Anonymous

Love your tree! How do you get it to stand?

I purchased some cheap wire trees this year and wrapped pieces of sea glass and attached to the tree and then tied little bows on - it was cute too!

I was just curious if you use only one tree shaped piece of plexi or 2 and how does it stand?

It is beautiful!

A plateful of pleasures
by: Anonymous


That is such a good idea!

Thank you.



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