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Although these beaches have been reported to have sea glass, NOT ALL HAVE BEEN VERIFIED.  

Please don't plan an expensive vacation based solely on an unverified beach!

Please do help everyone out by accurately reporting your beaches for sea glass.

East Coast Sea Glass - East Coast Sea Glass Beaches

The East Coast of the USA is a great place for enthusiastic sea glass collectors, as seen in the following list of East Coast Sea Glass locations.

For those just starting out, this list of East Coast Beaches is a good place to begin. For those with a lot of experience, these reports will be quite helpful in considering beaches not so close to home. If you have recently moved to the East Coast or if you are vacationing here on the east coast, you can get a good idea of what beaches to visit.

These best East Coast beaches were gleaned from personal experience, friends, and some research on the internet. But most of the reports came from you visitors to our website and we really appreciate that help.

 Some notable East Coast sea glass beaches include:

  1. Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn, New York: This beach is located near the Marine Park Bridge in Brooklyn and is known for its historical significance and abundance of sea glass. It was once a landfill site, and the remnants of old glass bottles can still be found half-buried on the shore.
  2. Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island: Narragansett Beach is popular among sea glass enthusiasts due to its rocky shoreline, which is conducive to the formation of sea glass. Visitors can often find pieces of sea glass in various colors scattered along the beach.
  3. Ogunquit Beach, Maine: Ogunquit Beach, located in southern Maine, is famous for its scenic beauty and also for the sea glass that appears and disappears on its shores. Visitors can stroll along the beach and search for pieces of sea glass in various shapes and colors.
  4. Bridgeport Seaside Park,  Connecticut. While it may not be as well-known for sea glass hunting as some other beaches, it's still worth exploring for those interested in collecting these unique ocean treasures.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other beaches along the East Coast where sea glass can be found. Each beach offers a unique experience for sea glass hunters and beachcombers alike.

Just remember that we personally cannot guarantee the quantity or quality of the glass on all these beaches.  

Please enjoy your hunt for sea glass or beach glass, respect private property, and smile at the locals!

East Coast Beaches

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