Old New Castle Delaware Beach Glass

by Robert Crouse
(Delaware, United States)

Delaware Sea Glass - Old New Castle

Delaware Sea Glass - Old New Castle

~ submitted by Robert Crouse, Delaware, United States

Old New Castle Beach, DE - Beach Glass

There is plenty of sea glass here, some large pieces some small.

We picked up half a shopping bag in about an hour.

~ submitted by Robert Crouse

Map of Old New Castle Beach area:

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sea glass colors line

When a glass shard has been tumbled, rounded, and etched on all surfaces, it is classified as beach glass.
Wow, it sounds like you are onto a good spot for glass!

However, it appears that the glass found is hardly tumbled or frosted and doesn't quite qualify as beach glass. It would be more accurate to call this glass beach shards.

That makes sense, since the map shows that this beach is located way up the Delaware River, where it is unlikely that there is enough wave action to produce any actual beach glass at all.

(In case the map above does not show up well, Old New Castle Delaware is near Newark and Wilmington, DE.)

David (editor)

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Comments for Old New Castle Delaware Beach Glass

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May 23, 2018
Lots of glass - May 2018
by: Anonymous

I just started searching Battery Park in Old New Castle and I have found handfuls of glass each time and it doesn't take long at all. There are frosted pieces what are tumbled. Colors are clear "white frosted" , greens and Browns. Some blues and pieces from the old clear green coke bottles. Lots of pottery pieces too. Something to kill some time.

Sep 09, 2017
Angela / Battery Park Beach Sept 2017
by: Anonymous

You're posting was a while ago but, there are different areas of the beach where you will find different colors depending on the tides.

There is one with black sand and I find a lot of pink. Over the walking path bridge towards the recycling plant is an area with a lot of green and marbles.

If the tide is out enough to slop through the mud to the island I have found colbalt blue entire bottle bottoms and bottle corks.

Feb 14, 2016
Delaware beaches
by: Anonymous

New Castle can be a great place for pottery shards as there used to be a factory near the site.

Woodland Beach is only dangerous because of the tides.You can can get stuck out there at high tide and not get back as the road to Woodland floods.

Best place in Delaware to find glass is Coin Beach or as it is now called, Conquest Beach.

It is the Delaware State Seashore State park and a fishing beach just north of the Indian River Inlet bridge.

You used to be able to find old coins from shipwrecks after storms (hence the name), but can also find loads of glass when there is a shell line with stones.

It can be very crowded in the summer with fishermen and their lines!

Nov 08, 2015
Where do you search at?
by: Angela

My husband & I visited Old New Castle just yesterday.

We accessed the Delaware River bank not too far from the Library.

I found a few white, green, & brown pieces.

Just wondering if there is another river bank in the area that I should also visit.

Thanks for sharing this tip.

My trip yesterday was so much fun!

Sep 28, 2015
Old New Castle Delaware Beach Glass
by: Monika

Huge ugly pieces of sea glass, not very tumbled.

Rated: Poor (0-2 jewelry grade pieces found per hour)

Jul 07, 2013
Woodland Beach Finds
by: Judy

Woodland Beach DE is a great place to find well-frosted beach glass in amber, light blue, lavendar, as well as the common white, brown and green pieces.

Best to go in the daytime hours.

This is located in Smyrna, DE, off of Rt. 13.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about the Smyrna/Woodland beach area - TripAdvisor

Mar 24, 2013
great glass
by: donna

we have found great glass here! And beautiful old pottery too.

We go often and have found our first 3 pieces of old tumbled RED!!!

We do a weekly trip here!

Dec 25, 2012
Glass at Old New Castle Delaware
by: David @ Odyssey

Please note that the glass shown is not rounded or tumbled enough to be considered "sea glass" or "beach glass" except for perhaps a couple of pieces. Very little frosting is evident.

I felt I need to add this so that beginners wouldn't get confused about what sea or beach glass looks like.

That doesn't mean you should not go to Old New Castle... just be aware that you will likely find plenty of glass shards but no real "beach glass."

For more information on what sea or beach glass is, please read:

What is Sea Glass?

Sep 02, 2010
Question on Delaware Beach Glass
by: Gwen

When is the best month to find the seaglass at Old New Castle beach. Is it in a bad section of town?

How do you get there if it is behind the yacht club?

Where do you park? How far do you have to walk?

Thank you very much.

Aug 08, 2010
Good finds but....
by: Simon

Okay firstly the beach where the glass is located is behind the new castle sailing club its off the path.

Secondly there is a lot of white, brown and green we didn't find anything else.

Thirdly it is worth going but go during the day and be care there are needles and drug baggies all over.

Other then that its a great place for sea glass.

Dec 29, 2009
Old New Castle Beach Class
by: Tracey Ann Barkus

Old New Castle offers a wonderful assortment of beach glass. I have been finding wonderful specimens for years.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about Old New Castle at TripAdvisor

Sep 13, 2009
by: kathy

when we went we did not find anything there but a dead deer in the water.

Jul 16, 2009
Thanks for pics!
by: Odyssey

As you can see, I added one of the photos, you sent, Rob! We're looking forward to hearing about the other beach you mentioned in your email.

David and Lin

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