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Sea Glass Rarity Chart - Rare Sea Glass

What sea glass or beach glass colors are the rarest? 

That depends somewhat on the particular country, beach, etc. 

However, this page reflects a huge amount of research and gives you a good idea of which colors are the rarest overall.

Sea Glass Rarity Chart

Here you'll find an illustrated list of the rarity of the various colors:

NOTE: For a close look at sea glass color identification and to figure out exactly what color your sea glass is, go to the Sea Glass Color Chart)

Rarity Of Colors

I'm going to list the rarity of colors based upon our own collection (which is a lot of sea glass collected over the years).

Keep in mind what I said about the color rarity being different depending on the geographical area.

(For a discussion on origins of the colors in sea glass, go to How is sea glass made?)

Sea Glass - Rarity Chart Below Shows Relative Rarity of Colors

 Most of our sea glass has been collected on the beaches of: 

  • The Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington as well as
  • Northern California
  • The Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
  • Southeastern Lake Erie
  • Northern Peru, South America.

Friends and family have helped contribute a few nice pieces to our collection.

Here goes!

Rarest of the Rare Sea Glass Colors

Deep Purple Rarest Sea GlassDeep Purple
Rarest Colors Orange Sea GlassOrange
Rarest Colors Pink Sea GlassPink
Rarest Deep Yellow Sea GlassDeep Yellow
Rarest Peach Sea Glass ColorPeach
Rarest Colors Red Sea GlassRed
Rarest Black Sea Glass ColorsBlack

Rare Sea Glass Colors

Rare Sea Glass Colors - Pale YellowPale Yellow
Rare Sea Glass Color - TurquoiseTurquoise
Rare Sea Glass Color - Cornflower BlueCornflower Blue
Rare Sea Glass Color - TealTeal
Rare Sea Glass Color - Amethyst/LavenderAmethyst / Lavender
Rare Sea Glass Color - Cobalt BlueCobalt Blue
Rare Sea Glass Color - GrayGray
Rare Sea Glass Color - AquamarineAquamarine

Somewhat Rare Sea Glass Colors

Rare Sea Glass Colors - Milk glass/ Jadite/JadeiteMilk glass / Jadite / Jadeite
Rare Sea Glass Colors - CitronCitron
Rare Sea Glass Colors - Light BlueLight Blue
Rare Sea Glass Colors - Olive GreenOlive Green
Rare Sea Glass Colors - Light Green / SeafoamLight Green / Seafoam
Rare Sea Glass Colors -Bright Lime GreenBright Lime Green
Rare Sea Glass Colors - Honey Amber / Pale BrownHoney Amber / Pale Brown

Easy to Find Sea Glass Colors

Rarity Chart Sea Glass Colors - GreenGreen
Rarity Chart Sea Glass Colors - BrownBrown
Rarity Chart Sea Glass Colors - White (Clear Frosted)White (Clear Frosted)

Other Colors of Sea Glass?

There are many, many colors that don't fit an exact color category.

For example, David found one that the best way to describe it is a smoky dark prune-gray color. It could be classified as pale purple (perhaps) or a gray.

One area will have some of the rarer colors as more common or vice versa. 

For example, we found a lot of cobalt blue on our local beach when we lived in the State of Washington. On that beach cobalt-colored sea glass was not very rare.

On the other hand, at our local beach while living in Peru, teal was fairly abundant and cobalt was more rare.

On other beaches you might find that cobalt or teal or another less rare color may be among the rarest of colors for that particular beach.

( For LOL - in case you find a beach where brown is rare and orange is common, let me know immediately ~ Lin )

Again, this sea glass rarity chart in general is pretty accurate.

What colors do you find to be the rarest?

Feel free to make comments on our forums pages or below in the Facebook comments.

Note also that the above colors don't represent the wide array of hues or tints that are found in sea glass.

Just find the closest on this color rarity chart and you'll get an idea of about how rare it is.


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