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Jun 30, 2019

what is this from?

This was found on a beach in the Puget Sound near Seattle WA. Wondering what it was originally.

Continue reading "what is this from?"

Jun 30, 2019

shard embossed “Atlanta”

Hi! Found this shard in a sandy river basin in Atlanta. It seems to be from a round, clear glass bottle, about a quarter inch thick. Embossed on it

Continue reading "shard embossed “Atlanta”"

Jun 23, 2019

Donate broken colorful glass

Is there somewhere in NJ to donate broken colorful glass? I remember reading somewhere that there is, and they take it out to sea where it nature does

Continue reading "Donate broken colorful glass"

Jun 23, 2019


We have spent the past month (May), walking the beaches around Cairns, Queensland. We have gone from Etty Beach in the south, up to Port Douglas in the

Continue reading "Cairns"

Jun 23, 2019

Can someone identify this?

I have found some thick gray sea glass on my beach in the Abacos (Bahamas). Not too long ago I found the same gray glass connected to a piece of white.

Continue reading "Can someone identify this?"

Jun 23, 2019

Help please, in dating a French Mediterranean clear corner shard

Found on a beach in the Gulf of St Tropez, south of France Mediterranean Sea. It seems opaque from “Weathering” (apologies I don’t know the correct term)

Continue reading "Help please, in dating a French Mediterranean clear corner shard "

Jun 23, 2019

Can you help me identify this?

I would like to know what type of bottle this piece came from. I found it today in a small stretch of beach in the Wythe neighborhood of Hampton, VA. It’s

Continue reading "Can you help me identify this?"

Jun 23, 2019

Found pieces in Japan

My daughter and I found these on a drive on the Japanese seashore! Would love to know any more about them especially the orange clay looking one! Thanks,

Continue reading "Found pieces in Japan"

May 14, 2019

Can you help me identify this?

Can you help me identify this? Found near the Potomac In Dumfries, VA, about 1.5 inches tall.

Continue reading "Can you help me identify this? "

May 09, 2019

Need help identifying this piece

About 1 and a half inches, beige, a little bit sparkly, not smooth, but smooth edges, many small cracks. I found this piece in Bolsa Chica California,

Continue reading "Need help identifying this piece "

May 06, 2019

Rainbow beach and park

After being pretty much shut out for sea glass all along Lake Michigan in Illinois, (we even went to all the beaches listed on the Sea Odyssey site!) we

Continue reading "Rainbow beach and park"

May 02, 2019

What bottle is this from?

Letters are SUF to the top and a V to the bottom. Found ocean side Salvo NC. It's well frosted pretty thick more mint green in color just curious about

Continue reading "What bottle is this from?"

Apr 24, 2019

Identify this

I would like to know more information about this thing such as name, origin, etc etc Any piece of information will be greatly appreciated. Please and

Continue reading "Identify this "

Apr 16, 2019

Glowing piece of pottery

I found a small piece of pottery on a Lake Michigan beach. The glaze looks pale yellow or slightly pink (crackled from age) but glows pale yellow-green

Continue reading "Glowing piece of pottery"

Apr 16, 2019

Please help identify

Found this piece of sea glass on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Brown glass with the letter ‘S’ inside a Pennsylvania keystone shape.

Continue reading "Please help identify "

Apr 10, 2019

Is this Seaglass, or something else?

These two pieces have a very smooth texture and have what appears to be a flaw inside. They are a gray in color; I have found gray seaglass before and

Continue reading "Is this Seaglass, or something else?"

Apr 08, 2019

bonfire sea glass find

Found on April 2 2019 at sea shore state park beach in va beach va.

Continue reading "bonfire sea glass find"

Apr 08, 2019

Fremantle beaches sparkle with beach glass

We spent about an hour on the beaches adjacent to Freemantle, near Perth, WA and found a wonderful array of well-tumbled glass. We were there in early

Continue reading "Fremantle beaches sparkle with beach glass"

Apr 05, 2019

April 4, 2019 Yorktown, Virginia.

Super excited about this find! I never search for glass at Yorktown Beach because there really isn’t a lot of tumble and they bring in sand but today

Continue reading "April 4, 2019 Yorktown, Virginia. "

Apr 05, 2019

Curacao SeaGlass Beaches

no name, PUNDA Curacao northeast side of island

Continue reading "Curacao SeaGlass Beaches"

Apr 04, 2019

Playa Bucerias (Bucerias, Riveria Nayarit, Mexico)

Playa Bucerias City of Bucerias Nayarit, Mexico We found a nice variety of sizes and colors (lots of white, brown, and green, but also seafoam, deep

Continue reading "Playa Bucerias (Bucerias, Riveria Nayarit, Mexico) "

Apr 04, 2019

Summer Sunshine captured in Scottish Sea Glass

I live in East Lothian, near Edinburgh/Scotland and Sea Glass hunt up and down the Firth of Forth (on both the North and South Coast) Yesterday I was

Continue reading "Summer Sunshine captured in Scottish Sea Glass"

Apr 04, 2019

Kauai find Feb 2019

Glass Beach Kauai found in shallow water just beneath sand - all within 5 feet of each other. 2 others found by friend! Almost like someone plated them

Continue reading "Kauai find Feb 2019"

Apr 04, 2019

Agate or quartz?

Can someone help me identify whether this is an agate or quartz? Found past McCurdy point in port Townsend.

Continue reading "Agate or quartz?"

Apr 04, 2019

Edinburgh/Scotland Tuesday's Treasures

Sometimes a sea glass scavenge can leave me feeling a bit hard done by, especially if I have spent 6 hours wandering the coastline, checking lots of different

Continue reading "Edinburgh/Scotland Tuesday's Treasures"

Apr 04, 2019

March 9 2019 Esquimalt Lagoon Victoria, BC....marbles!

Spent a few hours early morning at low tide in search of my new obsession....marbles! Not only did I find two marbles but found my first-ever glass bottle

Continue reading "March 9 2019 Esquimalt Lagoon Victoria, BC....marbles!"

Mar 31, 2019

2019 South Shore Long Island

Thoughts? Just a current pottery class find?

Continue reading "2019 South Shore Long Island"

Mar 31, 2019

Any ideas on where this pottery shard originally came from? Country and/or time period it was made?

This sea pottery shard was found on the seacoast near Salisbury, Massachusetts. It has an interesting floral pattern that almost looks like a vine of berries

Continue reading "Any ideas on where this pottery shard originally came from? Country and/or time period it was made? "

Mar 31, 2019

Taylor Beach

Taylor Beach Victoria, BC Canada Couple of surprise finds on a beach that usually only produces little mermaid tears

Continue reading "Taylor Beach"

Mar 31, 2019

Esquimalt Lagoon

Esquimalt Lagoon Victoria BC Canada Early morning walk at low tide in search of marbles and found some great treasures!

Continue reading "Esquimalt Lagoon"


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