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Jun 20, 2024

Makers mark on the base of a bottle I found in lake michigan

I've searched all over to find this dang mark! Can't find it anywhere! So I'm hoping someone on here can tell me what company this would be and any other

Continue reading "Makers mark on the base of a bottle I found in lake michigan"

Jun 19, 2024


One of many.

Name of the Beach: Barceloneta. City nearest to that beach: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Incredible seaglass! The beach glass is very well rounded and

Continue reading "Barceloneta "

May 27, 2024

Beach Combing for Sea Glass

huanchaco 2013 December page uploaded

Welcome to the captivating world of beach combing for sea glass, where each unique piece tells a story of its journey through time and tide.

Continue reading "Beach Combing for Sea Glass"

May 22, 2024

Bakoven Beach, South Africa, Sea Glass Report

Bakoven Sea Glass Marbles

Bakoven Beach just past Camp's Bay South Africa Submitted January 27, 2018 by Terra  I am currently living in Cape Town and find loads of great sea

Continue reading "Bakoven Beach, South Africa, Sea Glass Report"

May 22, 2024

Value and what kind of glass is it?


I have had this for about 17 years now and I never knew what in general it was. I was told it was what happens to sand when lightening hits it. I don't

Continue reading "Value and what kind of glass is it? "

May 22, 2024

What Are Some Fun Facts About Sea Glass?


A question that many ask is what are some fun facts about sea glass? Here we will look at some.

Continue reading "What Are Some Fun Facts About Sea Glass?"

May 17, 2024

How is Sea Glass Formed


How is Sea Glass Formed - formation typically takes several decades to hundreds of years. During this time, the glass is tumbled and smoothed by the action

Continue reading "How is Sea Glass Formed"

May 16, 2024

Baker Beach - San Francisco Sea Glass

Baker Beach San Francisco

Baker Beach, nestled beneath the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, offers more than just breathtaking views. This coastal gem is a haven for

Continue reading "Baker Beach - San Francisco Sea Glass"

May 16, 2024

California Best Beaches for Sea Glass

Graphic California Best Beaches

California Best Beaches for Sea Glass - list of 50+ firsthand reports on beach glass in California. Photos, maps to many beaches

Continue reading "California Best Beaches for Sea Glass"

May 16, 2024

Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival - June 1st - 2nd, 2024

Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival 📅 Date: June 1st - 2nd, 2024 🕒 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 📍 Location: 110 Shipcarpenter Street, Lewes, DE

Continue reading "Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival - June 1st - 2nd, 2024"

May 16, 2024

Sunday, June 2, 2024 SEA GLASS FESTIVAL Rhode Island, USA

Join us for a delightful seaside celebration at the Sea Glass Festival, where the enchanting allure of the ocean meets the creative spirit of talented

Continue reading "Sunday, June 2, 2024 SEA GLASS FESTIVAL Rhode Island, USA"

May 15, 2024

Volendam Beach Glass Holland, the Netherlands

Blue and white in Volendam, Holland

I’ve travelled to Volendam twice and found beautiful blue and white glass both times! The glass I found is from a tiny bit of beach on the Markermeer at

Continue reading "Volendam Beach Glass Holland, the Netherlands"

May 12, 2024

What is the Value of My Sea Glass?

graphic value sea glass

How much can I sell my sea glass for and where? This question arises generally when someone needs money, sees sea glass for sale somewhere, and then ...

Continue reading "What is the Value of My Sea Glass?"

May 07, 2024

Malaga Cove, California

6 years of sea glass finds!

Name of the Beach: Malaga Cove City nearest to that beach: Torrance, California See photo of 6 years of sea glass searches in Central and Southern Cal.

Continue reading "Malaga Cove, California"

May 03, 2024

Round purple beach glass ring

Purple Sea Glass Ring

Identify the piece of beach glass I found. .. I searched it ..and can't find anything about this sea glass

Continue reading "Round purple beach glass ring"

Apr 19, 2024

What was this?

Front / Outside

Cobalt blue color, found in Atlantic City NJ, back side has a bottom lip as if it was the bottom of a bottle or container, letters are … CAL COMP … BROOK

Continue reading "What was this?"

Apr 19, 2024

Please review this beautiful piece


3.31.24: Found on Moran Beach in Santa Cruz. I Caret “Blue Diamond”. The ocean yielded this beautiful intact with no chips or scratches.

Continue reading "Please review this beautiful piece "

Feb 19, 2024

Barceloneta Beach, Spain - lavender, pink, black glass

Barceloneta beach just 10 minutes away from the metro station. Bus will take you right on the beach, get off at the stop named something like hospital....

Continue reading "Barceloneta Beach, Spain - lavender, pink, black glass"

Feb 19, 2024

Red Sea Glass and Marble! Playa Los Muertos Mexico

Name of the Beach: Playa Los Muertos City nearest to that beach: Puerto Vallarta The state, country, or island where the beach is. Jalisco, Mexico Found

Continue reading "Red Sea Glass and Marble! Playa Los Muertos Mexico "

Feb 19, 2024

Identifying sea glass Staten Island Beach

This looks like it came from a melted bottle

I found an approximate 1 1/2 inch piece of what I think is Black Sea glass. I found a few large pieces of brown, white and green, some with identifying

Continue reading "Identifying sea glass Staten Island Beach"

Feb 19, 2024

Bottle stopper from what?

Bottle stopper from what? Obviously bottle stopper, has indented squares on each of its four sides. Ideas?

Continue reading "Bottle stopper from what?"

Feb 19, 2024

First piece of red sea glass! Santa Cruz, CA

Wow, red beach glass!

My first piece of red! Found in Santa Cruz, CA I’ve been hunting for 15 years and finally found my first red! Held up to the light, it has subtle orange

Continue reading "First piece of red sea glass! Santa Cruz, CA"

Feb 19, 2024

March 2023 Crystal Cove, CA Black Glass With Red Hue

A piece of black glass found at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach that is actually red when viewed through a bright light.

Continue reading "March 2023 Crystal Cove, CA Black Glass With Red Hue"

Feb 19, 2024

15 th March in Ireland

Yellow Sea Glass Ireland

15 th March i went beach walking and came upon this lovely piece, never really heard of sea glass until about a week ago, so went on one to see what

Continue reading "15 th March in Ireland "

Feb 19, 2024

Dave McGowan

in the UK, East Coast above Whitby, bin a gatherer for many years, pick from the beach and dive selected areas, no more than 4 feet or so, found a few

Continue reading "Dave McGowan"

Feb 19, 2024

Sea glass identification

Trying to ID my piece of sea glass It is clear Has the word FIRST Coat of arms with two crowns and three flowers under that and one town under that There

Continue reading "Sea glass identification"

Feb 19, 2024

Old pipe stem? Beach Puerto Rico

I found this while seaglass hunting in Puerto Rico. Any thoughts as to what it is?

Continue reading "Old pipe stem? Beach Puerto Rico"

Feb 19, 2024

Best Sea glass beaches in Naples Italy or Catania Sicily?

Sea Glass Naples Italy?

We are traveling to Italy in April 2024. we will be staying 2nights in Naples & 3 nights in Catania Sicily. We would like to visit some beaches with the

Continue reading "Best Sea glass beaches in Naples Italy or Catania Sicily?"

Feb 19, 2024


I have a glass fisherman’s float from the queen charlotte islands from the early 1940s. My mom had it painted by someone from massett and had a stand made

Continue reading "Value"

Feb 19, 2024

Whangarei Harbor New Zealand

Serpent with Small lettering ISP.289

Hello from New Zealand. Found this and would appreciate any information on what this glass vessel contained. Ngaire Littin Marsden Cove Marina

Continue reading "Whangarei Harbor New Zealand"


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