Glass Beach

Where is Glass Beach located?

There are many glass beaches. By far the most well-known glass beach is Fort Bragg's Glass Beach in Northern California. How do you get there? We'll answer that question in full in a moment.

Where is Glass Beach?By Gustavo Gerdel (http://www.bab.com.ar) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

First, how would you define a "Glass Beach"?

In basic terms, it is a beach where there is so much sea glass that you cannot miss it if you look. You will always find sea glass on a "glass beach."

Compare this to other beaches where you may find beach glass. Most beaches call for diligent searching .In fact, most beaches with really good sea glass do require a lot of concentrated hunting.

Not on a "glass beach". On a "glass beach" pretty much everyone will find sea glass without much effort. You will find sea glass rather than might find sea glass.

There are "glass beaches" in several areas of the West Coast of the USA and Hawaii as well as Cuba, Russia, England, Australia and other countries.

What is the most well-known Glass Beach?

The most famous Glass Beach is in the town of Fort Bragg in California on the Pacific Ocean.

Many articles and reports in local and national news media have featured Fort Bragg's Glass Beach. Because of this exposure over 1,000 people visit the most accessible glass beach daily in the summertime. Try to make your visit in the spring or fall to avoid crowds.

Fort Bragg's Glass Beach is in Mendocino County about a four-hour drive north of San Francisco on Highway 101. This is a nice drive if you want to take the quickest route.

We recommend, though, the much more picturesque route along Highway 1. This route is about the same distance. Driving time is a little longer - it will be closer to 5 hours on this coastal route.

It will likely take you longer than the actual driving time going this way though. Why?

Because you will want to stop and enjoy some of the beautiful views and beaches along the way.

When you get to Fort Bragg, Glass Beach is right near the main street through town.

Fort Bragg California Noyo River Aerial ViewFort Bragg - Hwy 1 crosses the Noyo River, Glass Beach area is to the right (north).

Go north on Highway 1 (Shoreline Dr) across the Noyo River bridge, past Spruce Street and keep an eye out for the Denny's Restaurant on the left.

Denny's is on the corner of W. Elm St. Make a left on W. Elm and within a few moments you'll come to the end. Right in front of you is the head of the short trail to the "Glass Beaches."

For more instructions, information, and a foot-path map of where to find the most sea glass legally, see our page Glass Beach - Fort Bragg, CA

For other Glass Beaches, see:

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Glass Beach Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Factory Bay, Australia "Glass Beach"

Also see:

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