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Jamaica Sea Glass Beach

An email conversation gradually reveals an exciting story - West Jamaica's Glass Beach

In late 2015,Virginia (Ginnie) Neill, in Jamaica sent us an email, which started a series of conversations about a previously unknown true Glass Beach.

West Jamaica Sea Glass Beach

Ginnie revealed her love for sea glass and especially her local treasure spot.

Unfortunately, aside from saying that it is on the west side of Jamaica, she did not reveal exactly where.

But Ginnie does give definite CLUES!

Here is the journal and photos that are guaranteed to make you want to immediately book a flight to Jamaica on a treasure hunt.

Jamaica's Glass Beach

November 1st, 2015

"Hello David,

"I am new to sea glass, about 6 months.

"I am reading all I can. At a senior age, this new hobby is fantastic.

"I live most of the time in Jamaica. I have found without doubt the site of a 200+ year old glass factory dump site.

"What I have found matches anything I have found online...

West Jamaica Glass Beach - Sea Glass
West Jamaica Glass Beach - Sea Glass

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West Jamaica Glass Beach - Sea Glass
West Jamaica Glass Beach - Sea Glass

"I would like to sell some of it to collectors and artisans. I too am an artist, and I am learning how to wrap these gems of the sea.

I have 75 pounds of black glass, 100 marbles and quite a few pieces of depression glass...

Jamaica Sea Glass Beach Black Glass
Jamaica Sea Glass Beach Marbles

"Any direction to contact folks would be appreciated. I am in contact with many who wrote the books.

"My true desire is to find one special artist to work with. Sending multiple packages from Jamaica is risky. When I return to the states with glass is when I would seek an artisan.

"Any help is appreciated."

Ginnie Neill - November 1st, 2015

West Jamaica Glass Beach - blue marble Sea Glass
West Jamaica Glass Beach - Sea Glass

Jamaica Sea Glass Beach Depression Glass
Jamaica Sea Glass Beach Depression Glass

Jamaica's Glass Beach

June 6th, 2016

"David and Lin,

"I am continuing to find extraordinary sea glass here in Jamaica. I still do not know what to do with all the findings. I have 100 marbles, glass stoppers, snuff tiny bottles...

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Jamaica Glass Beach Bottle Stoppers
West Jamaica Glass Beach Rare Mix

"Jamaica has no interest on what is on their shores. Any ideas for me?"

Ginnie "Root" Neill - June 6, 2016

Jamaica Glass Beach Bottle Bottom
Jamaica Glass Beach Bottle Bottom
Jamaica Sea Glass Beach Black Glass

Jamaica's Glass Beach

July 10, 2016

"David, this beach is one city block long or less. Not seen from highway. You got the pictures of the very day I found this beach.

"I said, "oh my Lord," for 5 minutes before I could move...

"I knew (even uneducated about sea glass) what a great beach I had found.

"I will get you some more photos. I have it piled by color in my garden, good pieces stored.

"Want to come to Jamaica someday with your wife?

"The beach can be piled up or have nothing on it at all. Most visits are like in photos. Winter under full moon the best."

Ginnie - July 10, 2016

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Jamaica Glass Beach multi

Jamaica's Glass Beach

July 25, 2016

"Hi to both! In answer to your question, of course post any picture you wish. Would be thrilled. You can use my name, Ginnie Neill, or "Root" as known here.

"You can mention the rumor that it was near an old glass factory in Western Parish, by spear fishermen.

"Many boats came into the harbor. I'll bet you marbles were ships ballast.

"It's OK to open Jamaica for sea glass hunters. In 2009 there was someone else that found a site down here. Photos showed same type of finds. It was on the internet.

"Glass here is usually not perfect as it is tossed up on rocks before settling on this shore. Many marbles are beat up.

"You are lucky your beach is more sandy.

"Anyway, please feel free to say anything you want. I am grateful you take an interest in a beginner.

"Happy hunting to you both."

Ginnie or "Root" - July 25, 2016

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Jamaica's Glass Beach

August 9th, 2016

"Found seven-and-a-half marbles after Hurricane Earl passed by. A record!"


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December 7th, 2016

You know those fancy decanter tops, I have 20. One part of blue one and a honey.

I have so many cool things - I know what precious site i found.

Just don't really know what to do with this historical find to help myself.

Wish you were here. I found a big shooter marble, my second. I now have 200 marbles.

Ginnie Neill - December 7, 2016


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