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West Coast Sea Glass Reports - USA

United States - West Coast Sea Glass and Beach Reports

The excitement of collecting sea glass hits the West Coast of the United States.

Finding sea glass is a great hobby. On this page, find your state and then select a beach!

Looking for a West Coast Sea Glass Beach? Choose your area from this list: 

Best Beaches?

#1 California -  Fort Bragg >

#2 Washington - Glass Beach, Port Townsend >

West Coast Sea Glass - You might live on the Pacific Ocean Coast in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, or even in Hawaii or the Wake Islands!

On the other hand, you may be planning a move or a vacation to one of these areas.

Use the following reports to find a beach and to know what to expect when you get there.

Click or tap here to send in your West Coast sea glass reports.


Although these beaches have been reported to have sea glass, NOT ALL HAVE BEEN VERIFIED.  

Please don't plan an expensive vacation based solely on an unverified beach!

Please do help everyone out by accurately reporting your beaches for sea glass.

West Coast Sea Glass - West Coast Sea Glass Beaches

A great place for enthusiastic sea glass collectors, as seen in the following list.

For those just starting out, this West Coast sea glass list of West Coast Beaches is a good place to begin. For those with a lot of experience, this list will be quite helpful in considering beaches not so close to home, if you have moved to the West Coast, or if you are vacationing here on the west coast..

These best west Coast beaches were gleaned from personal experience, friends, and also much research on the internet. Just remember that we cannot vouchsafe the quantity or quality of the glass on these beaches.  

Please enjoy your hunt for sea glass or beach glass, respect private property, and smile at the locals!

West Coast USA Beaches

Alaska Beach Glass Reports With Photos:

Photo opens gallery. Title opens report page.

Alaska Beach Glass Reports With No Photos:

West Coast Beaches

Washington Beach Glass Reports With Photos:

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Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island

Olympic Peninsula, Washington - Sea Glass Reports

Glass Beach Port Townsend, Olympic Peninsula

(also known as McGurdy Point and nearby North Beach)

  • Glass Beach near Port Townsend is the Best Beach in Washington.
  • It is the 2nd Best Beach in the USA for sea glass.

West of Port Townsend, Olympic Peninsula

Washington Beach Glass Reports With No Photos:

West Coast Beaches

*Beach reports needed for Wake Island sea glass

Help us make an accurate list!

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Many thanks to those of you who have added beaches and ratings!

As you know, Lin and I (David) have spent years accumulating the information on these pages.

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