Nome, Alaska Sea Glass Report

by Jimmy Carlisle
(Anchorage, AK)

Nome, Alaska Beach Glass

Nome, Alaska Beach Glass

November, 26, 2017 - Nome, Alaska, USA

Nome, Alaska has beach glass from the early 1900's after the Gold Rush started.

Up to 4+ miles South and about 2 miles North of Nome and in front of Nome has beach glass.

Most abundance colors are Brown, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Red, rare Pink and Red, along with China plate White, with Clear, and Light Pale Blue.

I have family members that Hunt Beach Glass all summer, one person I know has been collecting for years, Marbles of all types, and they currently have 6 five gallon buckets full. My Daughters go during the summer and have gallons and gallons bags full of glass.

Currently we have only a small amount 2 White China pieces, 13 Dark Green, 80 Light Blue/Green, 103 Green, 143 Light White/Clear, 164 Brown/Dark Brown.
This was from only 2 weeks hunting the beach in Nome.

There is no private beach from Low to High tide around Nome.

For a report on Nome's history as it relates to beach glass, see the OdysseySeaGlass page
Sea Glass Pacific - Nome

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Oct 26, 2017
Thank you
by: David

Thanks for this encouraging report - encouraging to those who have the privilege of living or visiting Nome :)

If you get a chance, upload some more photos, especially of the rarer pieces as you find them, like the marbles and any rare colors.

Have a great day!

David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass

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