Sea Glass Color Chart

What really is the color of your seaglass?

Below you will find over 80 named colors to help you accurately describe your sea glass and identify rare or valuable sea glass...very important when buying or selling!

This sea glass color chart has the standardized names that David put together based on:

  • Matching true colors with the colors that your computer screen shows.

  • Eliminating colors not appropriate for sea glass.

We have found a chart like this one much more helpful than using a less extensive or non-standardized color chart. Why?

Very often, the unusual colors you find cannot be categorized using a simple color chart.

Also, using your favorite names when describing the color of your sea glass can cause quite a bit of confusion or can even be misleading.

Sea Glass Color Chart - Huanchaco Beach

~   When you are communicating with another person, use this sea glass color chart. Avoid misunderstandings regarding sea glass colors by referring to this page.  ~

This full color spectrum sea glass color chart shows many of the 130 colors that show on a computer screen (some colors were deemed not applicable to sea glass).

  • It helps you to accurately describe the glass color that you have. This is very important when collecting sea glass and selling sea glass.

Try this out:

  • Take a shard of sea glass.Hold it up with a piece of white paper behind it.
  • Compare it to the color on the screen.
  • Now hold the sea glass up to a muted natural light source, again comparing it to the screen colors.

It will be quick and easy to eliminate the colors it is NOT and settle on the standard name for the exact color you have!

NOTE: There are so many nuances or variations in color that it is naturally impossible to match all colors to this chart exactly.

Suggestion: Use combinations such as "lime spring green" for a color that falls between two other colors on the chart and make use of "pale," "bright," "smoky," to modify colors as needed.


Cobalt Blue Navy Blue
 Blue    Sky Blue Light Blue
Royal Blue Royal Sky Blue Deep Sky Blue
Cornflower Blue Steel Blue Cadet Blue
Powder Blue Dark Turquoise Medium Turquoise
Turquoise Pale Turquoise Medium Aqua
Teal Lime     Green
Pale Green Spring Green Lime Green Emerald
Green Yellow Medium Yellow Green Forest Green
 Dark Green Dark Olive Green Olive Green
Sea Green Gray Light Gray
Dark Slate Grey Amber Medium Amber
Honey Amber Tan Khaki
Beige Brown Sienna
Dark Red Fire Brick Crimson
Cherry Red Red Orange Red
Dark Orange Orange Yellow
Light Yellow Peach Salmon
Lavender Violet Indigo
Dark Purple Dark Violet Orchid
Hot Pink Light Pink Medium Purple

sea glass colors line

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