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Home - A general introduction to getting hooked on sea glass and what to expect of this site.

Sea Glass Blog - The Odyssey Sea Glass Blog keeps you up to date on the latest additions and changes to the OdysseySeaGlass.com website. How to keep automatically updated...

What Is Sea Glass?  Here you will find out about where sea glass originated, etc.

Best Beaches

  • Sea Glass Secret Beaches? - Should all beaches be listed on the web for anyone to see? Or should none be listed? Or some? Here is where you can add your opinion and see what others have said.
  • Beach Reports - Here is where you can add a beach to our list, grade a beach, or just add comments about sea glass beaches in general.

Grading Sea Glass - Have you been wondering how to grade sea glass? Explanation of important features in real beach glass and the 5-grade quality scale.
  • Tumbled Sea Glass - Tumbled Sea Glass - What is it? How is it made? What can I use it for? Where...

Sea Glass Jewelry
  • Sea Glass Jewelry - Gallery preview of Lin's trademarked line of jewelry, linje designs using sterling silver, gold-filled, copper, or brass wire to wrap unique and original jewelry creations, including:

 - General information on the art of finding and collecting sea glass.
  • Find Your "Own" Sea Glass Beach - How to identify which beaches are likely to have good sea glass. Physical and geographical characteristics. Cultural factors.
  • Sea Glass Color Rarity - Have you ever wondered if your sea glass color is rare? Check out this sea glass rarity chart to see if that unique color you found is rare sea glass.
  • Pottery Shards - Beach combing for sea glass also turns up many other fascinating finds such as pottery shards. Photos and information.

Sea Glass Crafts
 - Description of various ways to use your sea glass in crafts. Links to the following:
  • Your Sea Glass Craft - A place to add your craft projects and photos and see what ideas others have contributed.

Sea Glass Color - A description of different colors found in sea glass and their  importance to collectors.
  • Sea Glass Color Chart - What really is the color of your seaglass? Over 100 named colors to help you accurately describe your sea glass and identify rare or valuable sea glass.
  • Sea Glass Colors - History of how glass is made and how the different colors of glass are produced.

Photos/Videos - Guide to our featured sea glass photos and videos. Regularly posted pics of sea glass finds.
  • Rosario Beach - Fidalgo Island, WA. Thumbnail gallery of sea glass gems photographed just as they are found among the amazingly beautiful beach rocks of this island.
  • Sea Glass Saunter - A video containing the above pics  of  Rosario Beach and many more with original backup tracks by  David.

Contact Us - Odyssey Sea Glass - here you can contact us with your comments and suggestions on collecting sea glass and sea glass art.

Sea Glass News
 - Announcements of upcoming festivals and events and other news of interest to sea glass fanatics.

Your Page - The place to share your ideas, comments, and just hang out with other sea glass fans...

Featured This Week
- People, Places, Stories, Beaches, Islands and more ... interesting and entertaining articles related to your Sea Glass Odyssey

About Us - Real pictures of us (David and Lin) with a brief background on who we are and how we got involved in this exciting web site project.

Link to Us - If you have a web site, we invite you to add a link to our site or exchange links with us.

Privacy Policy - Odyssey Sea Glass Privacy Policy

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