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Sea glass reports for beaches on the islands of Hawaii - Kuai, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii (the Big Island).

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Oahu, Hawaii is great place for excited sea glass hunters, as you can see in the pages linked to the following Oahu Beaches.

Whether you live on Oahu or are planning on visiting Hawaii, the beach reports below may save you time in deciding where to go.

Please enjoy your hunt for sea glass or beach glass, respect private property, and show the spirit of aloha!

Help us make an accurate list!

Many thanks to those of you who have added beaches and ratings!

Here are beach reports and comments on Oahu that did not include photos:

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Mokuleia, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

~ by Wendy Skelton Dewey · Wahiawa, Hawaii

We just moved to Oahu, so I'm not familiar with the island at all.

Today me and my children decided to go out looking for sea glass so that we could make a mosaic coffee table.

I headed toward North Shore, and veered off to Mokuleia. Found a beach and started searching.

We found quite a lot!

After reading your website, I was surprised to discover that it was a place noted for sea glass!

However, after reading, I'm guessing that what we found doesn't quite qualify as sea glass.

It's glass from the sea, not sharp edges, and some of it was frosted. But it certainly isn't rounded like the pictures I've seen here.

Regardless, my kids were thrilled to find so much on our first time out!

Lanikai and Bellows

~ by Amanda Busser Chapman

This is very helpful. I moved to Oahu, Hawaii this year and I have been looking for sea glass but have not found one piece.

I found out I was looking at the wrong beaches.

I live in Kailua. I usually go to Lanikai or Bellows beach and have found nothing.

Bellows had a lot of plastic though!

The islands of Hawaii have many of the requisites for beaches that typically produce good sea glass. Here are some pros and cons of Oahu beaches. Add your comments at the bottom of this page.


  • Sand mixed with rocks.
  • A hard base beneath the sand/pebbles which prevents glass from getting buried too deep.
  • Backed by bluffs, cliffs, or rocks, impeding the glass getting spread out.
  • Constant wave action on most beaches.


  • Lack of large factory production of glass or other related industries.
  • Relatively short history of industry.

As you know, Lin and I (David) have spent years accumulating the information on these pages.

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Why can reports on West Coast Sea Glass vary considerably between two different people?

  • Some are better at finding sea glass. For example, my wife, Lin, finds at least twice as much as me and more colors on any given day.
  • West Coast Sea Glass Beaches can vary from one tide to the next and also from low tide to high tide.
  • Some may not know the difference between Craft and Jewelry Grade Sea Glass.

For the above reasons, we try to verify these Oahu, Hawaii Sea Glass reports with actual photos whenever possible.

So take your camera to the beach! and be sure to report your West Coast Beaches finds!

Find the beach closest to you that has been reported as having sea glass.

Hopefully, there's a great beach not far away! 

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