Honolii beach,

by K. and D. Johnson
(Exeter,NH. USA)

Our take of sea glass at Honolii Beach, Big Island HI

Our take of sea glass at Honolii Beach, Big Island HI

A few days at Honolii Beach (2 miles north of Hilo) Big island, Hawaii.

Some great pieces of sea glass, many jewelry quality. Some of the larger pieces were found after the Tsunami.

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Best little cove for sea glass
by: Rfamily

We just returned from the Big Island and I have to share this great place for sea glass.

We stayed at the Kona Maki condos on Alii Dr.

(This is on the Kona side of the Big Island)

We found sea glass right outside the condo all along the lava ledge.

Then noticed a small cove with a tiny beach next door at the Royal Sea Cliff condos.

What a treasure trove for sea glass.

We hiked across the lava to it and for me it was truly amazing.

Pieces of every size, shape and color.

I often went twice a day just to see what new wonders washed on shore.

Great little spot to wade in the crystal clear waters.

Regularly occurring high tides with no beach
by: Anonymous

Yes, it is regularly occurring. I've been there on 2 separate trips and there was no beach at all to collect beach glass the tide was so high. So it's a crap shoot.

Down at South Point, going west of the Volcano, I hear people have found those Japanese glass balls in the ocean and there is a green sand beach there as well.

Beach is missing at Honolii
by: Anonymous

I went to Honolii yesterday and the beach was completely washed away! Is this a regular occurring thing?

Great seaglass beach!
by: Anonymous

My husband and I were here on October 23rd while on our honeymoon.

We only stayed for about an hour and got at least a cup and a half of seaglass!

Also the colors were amazing! We found a lot of turquoise and a big colbalt blue piece!!

If you are on the big island and love seaglass you definitely have to go!

Top rated hotel near Honolii and Hilo - Dolphin Bay Hotel Hilo, Hilo, Hawaii, United States

This beach is open!
by: Jessica J

This beach is definitely open!!

We got several pounds of glass and pottery here Sept- 2012.

The waves just keep washing it up!

That beach in HI
by: Anonymous

That beach is closed.

Get a real job
by: Anonymous

We had fun collecting glass and telling everyone we could where to find it!

by: Anonymous

Now there is very little glass left because the word is out and the tourists want a piece of the action. Some of us actually use sea glass to make a living.

Our sweet 1 hour catch! Honolii Hawaii
by: Akjessica

We went down the stairs and to he left. It was covered in sea glass. You could sit in one spot and find multiple pieces.

I even found some pottery and china. We even got to watch tons of local surfers including a surfing dog.

Very cool beach! Thanks for the tip!

My favorite!
by: Chanelle

Honolii is a fantastic beach to find sea glass...I was just there today and got quite a few really nice pieces! I live close by and go often. :)

I hope I'm as lucky - Honolii, Hawaii Sea Glass
by: Kim

I'm going to the Big Island in July for a conference in Kona. I'll be taking a day trip over to Honolii Beach for sure. I just hope I'm as lucky!!

Honolii, Hawaii Sea Glass

Honolii Beach Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

Woe...that's crazy over the top. Soooo cool. Good for you! I'll take your left overs .:)

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon

Sea Glass at Honolii, Big Island. WAHHH
by: David (editor) and Lin

Wow, that is impressive! When you dropped us a line, I didn't know you meant THAT much! It just goes to show that a pic is worth ???? words.

I put Wahhh in our comment title because we weren't into sea glass yet when we lived on the Big Island in the 1980s.

As in our note to you, our memories of Honolii were more thus:

Wow, does this bring back memories...
for Lin, sitting in the car with the windows rolled almost all the way up and steamed over on the inside...
rain drizzling down...the sweat running down inside the clothes...

for me. Out to the left of the river mouth over the reef waiting for the next set of waves...
Hooting at my buddies when they pulled off some good moves...
Keeping an eye out for the sharks in the area.

We both loved the years we spent on the Big Island, where Lin and I of Odyssey Sea Glass were married and had our daughter.

Anyway, enough of the reminiscences.

Thank you so much for your valuable report. It'll be awhile before we get it up on the site, as we are backlogged at this point with two websites full of life!

David and Lin Schneider.
Los Organos, Peru


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