27Apr13 Halona Blow Hole, Oahu, Hawaii

by Amanda
(Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, USA)

~ submitted by Amanda, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

This is from our first sea glass hunt. My husband and I first went to Bellows Beach at about 7:30 am. 

We didn't find one piece of sea glass or any glass at all. It was beautiful though.  

Then we drove by Sandy Beach, which I heard was a great place to find sea glass. 

However it was already crowded with surfers.

Then we went to Halona Blow Hole

I heard that Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed there.

We finally found some sea glass and an ear ring there! 

I think some aren't even considered sea glass :)

We were not picky because we couldn't find a lot. 

I think we need get there at sunrise before anyone else gets there! 

It's a semi-dificult walk down to the cove, but I think others had already been there even though we were the only ones at the time.

Please give me feedback.

I think at least 2 are good. 

I'm not sure about the ear ring my husband found in the sand. 

I really don't think it's real but it was exciting for a few minutes!

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May 01, 2013
by: Amanda

Yes, I realize that most are not sea glass but I picked up pieces that I thought were interesting.

I also feel strange about finding glass on the beach and throwing it back.

I wondered what other people do.

I was also pretty desperate as I could barely find any, which I thought was strange because there was a lot of glass.

Do you guys get there at the break of dawn to find it?

We are going to try that next :)

May 01, 2013
Sea Glass
by: Laura from RI

What you've found is not totally frosted on ALL EDGES.

What I see are some, but NOT all smooth feeling frosting.

That glass could be as old as 2 yrs, maybe less.
As far as the earring, get it appraised to its value.

Laura from RI.

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