Sea Glass from Hawaii!

by Sharon Umbaugh

Sea Glass from Hawaii!

Sea Glass from Hawaii!


As they say in Hawaii, "I'm lucky I live Hawaii" particulary when it comes to sea glass beachcombing!

Frequently, people comment on my sea glass and they're surprised at how different the pieces are from what they are used to seeing.

While I have not collected from many other parts of the country (but ALL the Hawaiian islands), it seems that the sea glass here tends to be somewhat thicker and more rounded. I attribute that to the high surf.

I find it interesting that some beaches around the country and other places have an abundance of one color yet not another.

For instance, I find quite a few aqua and teal blue pieces but rarely cobalt.

I think the blue pieces that I find here are from utility line insulators and Annheiser Busch bottles.

I could go on and on about sea glass!

I just adore the stuff and go to the  beach 3 or 4 times a week and make it available to others who are not so close to the coast.

I've sold sea glass to people in all fifty states!

But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a look!

Good luck hunting!

Sharon Umbaugh

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Nov 17, 2015
Richard Daggett, author, traveler, and sea-glasser
by: David @ Odyssey Sea Glass

Hi Richard - you won't believe this at first but I FINALLY (after 5 years, I believe) found and retrieved your beautiful true story of finding orange sea glass in the surf on Oahu.

It is here: Orange Sea Glass - Oahu, Hawaii

Thanks so much for your patience!!!

PS Is you book on Gold in Peru for sale someplace?

May 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I love beach glass. I'm Canadian and I beachcomb on Lake Huron in Ontario. I will be in Hawaii this fall. Can you give me any advice on where to come for sea glass?

Aug 14, 2011
Beautiful pieces!!
by: Monica

Aloha Sharon... I live on the Big Island. I have a pic of some of my sea glass posted as well. What island do you live on? Nice glass and thanks for sharing.

Jan 13, 2011
Richard's Orange Story
by: Anonymous

Hey, Richard. Did we ever post your orange sea glass story? If not, please contact me through the contact page and help me figure out what happened!

David from Odyssey

Jan 13, 2011
Ocean glass adventure in Hawaii
by: Karen Hill

My boyfriend and I went to Hawaii 2 years ago. We stayed on the North Shore, Oahu and we found alot of beach or ocean glass.

We didn't realize how popular these pieces were.

Well, we left them outside on a table in the morning and later all the larger pieces were gone.

A little disappointed, we went out and searched for more.

Even though the first finds were of great color and size, I was very happy with the ones we retrieved on our second search.

They are a great conversation piece.

I can't wait till we return to the great state of Hawaii.

Feb 22, 2010
Orange sea glass from Hawaii
by: Richard Daggett

Hi Guys:
I have been checking to see if you were still going to put my "Orange" sea glass story on your site.

Please let me know.



HI Richard! Please accept my apologies. We have been so swamped with many different things going on. I'm going to make a note to get working on this ASAP.

Thanks again,

David (editor)

Jun 08, 2009
your seaglass
by: Mona

your seaglass colors are beautiful!

Jun 07, 2009
Very nice !
by: Toshi

Thanks Sharon for posting such beautiful collection of sea glass picture.

You do have very nice ones here. Colors, shapes and sizes! I have nice collection of sea glasses but I think yours are so much nicer.


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