Sea Glass Beach Kauai, Hawaii

by Jeannie Adkins
(Sunriver, Oregon USA)

~ favorite beach report submitted by Jeannie Adkins, in Sunriver, Oregon USA

On the island of Kauai there is a place called Port Allen where there is a beach called glass beach.. 

But I don't go to that beach - but about 500 feet south of glass beach there are these cliffs that got washed away, like from the hurricane in 1991. 

Up above on the cliffs was an old dump so you can only imagine what awaits down below in the tidepools and on the beach. 

The sea glass there is awesome.

~ favorite beach report submitted by Jeannie Adkins, in Sunriver, Oregon USA

As you see here, there are some good-sized pieces left at Kauai's Glass Beach
See: David's Finds, Glass Beach Kauai

Map and Directions:

map and directions glass beach port allen kauai hawaii
Take Hwy 541 into Port Allen, turn left on Aka Ula St.
Here's what it will look like when you get there:

Added notes:

As Jeannie indicates above and as seen in this photo,, the better-known area of sea glass beach in Port Allen has been pretty well picked over:

Port Allen Glass Beach Kauai Hawaii near Hanapepe Bay
In this photo by Valerie of Port Allen Glass Beach, the sand - on closer look - is glass!

Jeannie hits the nail on the head when she talks about old dumps at the top of a cliff and the excellent results (if not now, then in a few years) as the cliff falls onto the shoreline, replenishing the sea glass supply.

See more about how this works at the following page:

Milford, CT sea glass Where to Find Sea Glass
Three important factors you must know to really get started on finding the best sea glass beach near you.

Comments for Sea Glass Beach Kauai, Hawaii

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Sep 06, 2021
Treasure at the dump Kauai Hawaii
by: Flirty Hippie

Since moving to Kauai from the big island, I have come to frequent this hidden gem at least 4 days a week. I am a local artist with wire wrapping definitely u matched here on the island. You can find me either wire wrapping sea glass or crystals while drinking a beer or just coming the beach early for the "good stuff." Say hi. I only look intense when I am wire wrapping. Most chances if you are the first person to talk to me that day, you get a special one of a kind pendant.

Facebook- flirtyhippie
Instagram 808flirtyhippie, theflirty hippie

As for the issue of taking sea glass, have intent and don't take just to take. Whats the point of taking away from someone that will actually appreciate it. This applies to tourists and locals alike.

Dec 13, 2018
Stop taking the glass!
by: Anonymous

I went to see glass beach in December 2018 and there were about 6 people collecting bags full of glass. This sadens me because there is not much glass left and when people keep taking it pretty soon we will have to change the name of the beach. I know more washes up but not enough to keep up with the rate of people taking it.

Oct 25, 2016
Love it
by: Matt

Love Kauai's amazing Glass Beach, great place for fun photos too:

Jul 04, 2016
Don't take the glass
by: Anonymous

it takes 10-30 years for the sea glass to be nice and smooth so when people keep taking and taking it makes it harder to replenish the beach to its formal state.

It's not covered in beautiful glass anymore, it's kinda hard to find because people take it thinking oh there's plenty more or it's just trash, but it's not. So please don't take anything from the beaches.

Just take pictures so that others that visit the beach can enjoy it and not find the beach bare.

Mar 17, 2016
It is okay to collect the glass
by: Teresa

We visited this beach in December 2014, and my sister talked to a local who was also collecting sea glass. She told us it was okay to take sea glass with you, since it is technically garbage.

It is literally that one man's trash is a other man's (or in our case, all the girls') treasure.
She instructed us NOT to take rocks, lava rocks, and sand.

We also stumbled across a really sweet lion king plaque with a name and a date, that I assume was made in memory of a lost son of some loving family.

Apr 10, 2015
kauai Glass Beach, lots of glass & people
by: Chuck and Sharon

We were in Kauai at the end of January 2015.

Collected quite a bit of glass on the beach in front of the Marriott hotel over near the park by the sea wall.

Then we went to Glass beach and found that the parking had improved over 2011 and so had the glass situation.

A lot of nice, frosty, well shaped pieces. Not too many scarce colors.

There were scarce colors, but they were mostly fresh glass. I suspect that the area is being seeded.

Anyway, collected about a sandwich bag full in 3 hours. Some pieces had really neat markings.

Mar 03, 2015
Beautiful location
by: Simon

It is amazing to know about glass beach. After reading this I really want to visit this beach.

The sea glass in this beach is beautiful and I think we may not have the permission to collect it.

Jan 14, 2015
Sea glass
by: Marilyn

We go to Kauai in end of March 2015. Do you think they still have sea glass there? Any where else Kauai? Thanks

Feb 06, 2013
Sea Glass Beach
by: Faith


I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii and while there I got a chance to go to Sea Glass Beach on Kauai.

There is actually very little real sand there. Instead, it is composed of tiny pieces of sea glass the size of large grains of sand--quite amazing, really.

I was there halfway between high and low tide, and I found a few pieces of white and brown sea glass of a larger size--nothing to write home about.

Still, a very cool place to see!

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