Mother Daughter Sea Glass Hunting Adventures

by Jessica Tejera
(Wahiawa, Hawaii)

Some of our favorite beach finds at Sand Island, Honolulu, Hawaii

Some of our favorite beach finds at Sand Island, Honolulu, Hawaii

~ sea glass photo submitted by Jessica Tejera in Wahiawa, Hawaii

Sea Glass Story - Puerto Rico and Oahu, HI

I was born as an island girl, born and raised in Puerto Rico.

 I always spent my days at the beach or finding a way to get a glimpse of the ocean from my grandmother's house.

I remember going with my family to the beach just to gather up a few beach treasures.

Today I take my daughters to the beaches here on Oahu to do the same, passing on the memories that I enjoyed the most growing up.

My oldest daughter, Anabella, now goes to the beach and picks up any piece of sea glass she finds, whether it's frosted, chipped, or broken.

She doesn't care as long as she gathers up a bunch and has a ziploc bag full of beach treasures to take home and put in her little jar.

     After every beach combing trip we make she always comes home and goes through the sea glass with me. Gathers hers up and puts it in her little jar and then goes through mines asking me to make her jewelry.

let her pick out several of her favorite pieces of sea glass and created several necklaces and earrings for her. She won't leave anywhere without her mermaid jewelry.

I think seeing my little girls have such a love for the ocean and it's treasures is so admiring - seeing how she will do anything to gather up as much as she can; seeing her reaction to every color she finds.

She usually picks up all the whites and browns but the minute she finds an aqua or a green she gets huge sparkly eyes and runs over to me yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Look what I found? It's so pretty." I think it's the cutest thing ever.

I love passing down such a beautiful hobby to my daughters and best of all... seeing her wear all her precious jewels everywhere she goes.

Anabella's Jewelry

~ sea glass photo submitted by Jessica Tejera in Wahiawa, Hawaii

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