Red beach glass Whiskey Creek WA

by Kelly Wehmeyer

Red beach glass Whiskey Creek

Red beach glass Whiskey Creek

Whiskey Creek, WA north of Port Angeles

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Whiskey Creek
by: Chisna

Whiskey Creek is closed to public access. However cabins are available to rent. And there are a limited number of campsites that can be rented by the month for camper trailers.

I would say 1 to 2 pieces of jewelry quality glass would be the best you could expect to find.

I've lived a mile up the road from Whiskey Creek for 8 years now, and have beach rights, and I have never found red glass.

Mostly blue's and greens. There are some agates and small fossil snails however.

Whiskey beach is closed
by: Anonymous

That beach is privately owned. It is posted as closed.

Red beach glass
by: Sandy

I just found a quarter size red beach glass. It has sort of a rim around it like it was either a jar or light. Pretty cool and lots of fun finding it.

glass shards from alaska
by: Anonymous

In the mid 80's my husband was fishing in Kodiak Alaska and I was beachcombing on a bay in town. instead of rocks and shells, I picked up a variety of glass shards and pottery.

I put them away thinking they had no value until today in the Parade magazine is an article on beach glass.

I have a green one, 1" with letters on it, several brown ones and the biggest is a red one, 2" in diameter, along with pottery shards. I asked a local who told me there was a bar in the 30'sup the shore, that when they finished a bottle, it was thrown out to the water. Is there any value to these pieces?

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