North & Glass Beaches, Washington - 04/26/13

by Louise
(Monroe, WA)

North & Glass Beaches, Washington

North & Glass Beaches, Washington

~ submitted by Louise in  Monroe, Washington

Caught up with Lin on this fine day.


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sea glass colors line

brief Book Review by David and Lin @

puget sound beaches for sea glassAfoot & Afloat North Puget Sound

This book is a must-have for sea glass lovers hunting for treasures in the beautiful Puget Sound area. Lin and I own a copy and it has details of how to get to just about every accessible beach, cove, boat ramp, etc. Even better, it goes into the history of the particular beaches.

For example, the closest beach to our temporary quarters here in Sequim, WA, is a beach called Port Williams. We wondered why in the world it is called a "port." All there is now is a boat ramp and a tiny county park surrounded by woods and fields.

In detail, this book tells us that it once was the stop along a steamer route and had a post office, dance hall, restaurant, and residences. Now there isn't even a portapottie that we could find. But you can imagine the possibilities of old glass on the beaches described in this book - and other books of this series.

Added info:

What is the difference between a beach and a "glass beach"?

~ by David (chief sorter at Odyssey Sea Glass)

Here are some general details about what makes a beach a "glass beach" like Fort Bragg, CA; Seaside, CA; Glass Beach, Kauai.

A beach is called a "glass beach" when

  • There is an especially large amount of sea glass found there.

  • You will find quality sea glass with some rare colors every time you go to a glass beach.

  • You will likely end up with several hundred pieces of high-grade sea glass in each trip.

  • Much of the glass you find on a glass beach is old, rounded, frosted, and is not just bottles from beach parties..

What do you think makes a beach a "glass beach"? Feel free to add your comments about what makes a beach a "glass beach" at the bottom of this page.

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