Oregon Sea Glass

by David and Lin @ Odyssey Sea Glass

Oregon Sea Glass and Beach Reports

Oregon Sea Glass and Beach Reports

Is There Sea Glass on Oregon beaches?

Yes, there is sea glass on various beaches in Oregon.

But where and how much?

Searching for Oregon Sea Glass

Many people, like Lin and I, have traveled the coast of Oregon and stopped for a few hours at different beaches to look for sea glass.

Some beaches we have visited more than once with varying results.

Reports based on one or two sea glass-hunting visits to any given beach are very incomplete, and this includes reports on Oregon beaches.

  • Beaches vary from day to day, sometimes drastically.

  • For example, our local beach, Huanchaco, can yield two handfuls of jewelry-grade beach glass one day.

  • But the next day, we will find next to nothing.

In other words... we need your sea glass and beach reports, good or bad, on what you found on Oregon beaches.

Need Beach Reports for Oregon Sea Glass

On this page, we welcome all reports on visits to Oregon beaches, whether or not you find sea glass..

With lots of info on Oregon beaches and sea glass finds, we all can get a better picture of what to expect and which beaches may be best for sea glass hunting.

~ David and Lin at Odyssey Sea Glass

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Comments for Oregon Sea Glass

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Aug 21, 2016
Doves wings
by: Anonymous

Doves wings are those things inside a sand dollar that come out when the sand dollar is broken.

Nov 16, 2015
What are dove wings?
by: Cherie

Michelle - you said you found dove wings.

What are they?

Thank you

Nov 04, 2015
Sea glass finds
by: Michelle Reese

I found all my rarest to common at mostly Harris Beach State Park where I have my own rules.

If it looks pretty pick it up because I go through my treasures and find trash and ugly stones.

But I wanted to know how come I found over 30 pieces of dove wings from tiniest to the thick and biggest one I found and what to do with them.

Visit me at www.coastalartdesigns.com

Nov 03, 2015
Lincoln City and Haystack Rock Beach Glass
by: Anonymous

Lincoln City, Oregon and Cannon Beach, OR.

I have found a lot of pieces in Lincoln City and also at Cannon Beach near Haystack Rock.

Nov 03, 2015
Brookings, Oregon
by: Anonymous

Brookings, Oregon.

I bring home handfuls daily (during this time of year) in Brookings, Oregon

Nov 03, 2015
Bay Ocean peninsula (Tillamook Bay) Sea Glass?
by: Kim

Bay Ocean peninsula (Tillamook Bay), Oregon None found despite a report to the contrary from a local. Plenty of agates, however!

The spit was built in the early 20th century and the houses were all washed into the ocean by the 50's.

Rated: Poor (0-3 jewelry grade pieces found per hour. Added by Kim (Thank you, Kim!)

Nov 03, 2015
Oceanside, Oregon Sea Glass
by: Jessica

Oceanside, OR is about 10 miles north of Tillamook. See report...

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