Fort Flagler, Port Townsend, WA - Sea Glass Report

by Amanda
(Breinigsville, PA)

This is the sea glass we found!

This is the sea glass we found!

~ submitted by Amanda in Breinigsville, PA

Fort Flagler Beach, Port Townsend
Port Townsend
Washington State

My family took a trip to Washington state and during a visit to LaPush Beach we had been told, by some fellow vacationers to try Fort Flagler in Port Townsend.

We found several small pieces of sea glass but we found a ton of turn of the century dishware.

We were told they would wash their dishes in the water and you could find various pieces and they were right.

We found a ton of thick, white, porcelain peices with various designs. It was a wonderful find!

We passed the fort and parked down by the shore. No one down there and we never saw another soul.

Fair 5 to 9 pieces of Sea Glass*

Excellent for th 10+ pieces of turn-of-the-century dishware

by Amanda

sea glass colors line


Thanks to everyone for submitting sea glass reports.

OdysseySeaGlass appreciates this and all reports we receive.

However, when evaluating a report, use good judgment.

Specific Notes About This Beach:

  • Beach was not given an accurate rating (did not state number of jewelry-grade pieces found per hour. There does not appear to be any jewelry-grade pieces in the photos).
  • We (Lin and David here at OdysseySeaGlass) have checked out this beach and found no jewelry-grade sea glass. It does not receive enough wave action.
  • It may be possible to find jewelry-grade glass there but not likely
David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

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