Bumboras Beach: Where Sea Glass Treasures Await

by Nicole
(Brisbane QLD, Australia)

All from the same beach.on Norfolk Island

All from the same beach.on Norfolk Island

Bumbora Beach (nickname Bumby), Norfolk Island, is a beautiful extremely picturesque beach littered with boulders, coarse pebbly/shelly sand, and an abundance of sea glass in a variety of colours!

The most common colour found was frosted clear, amber and brown. But also Dark olive, lime green, ice blue, sea-green. There is a mixture of well rounded and some still in the aging process!

Easy to access, just a short walk thru a scenic board walk with some steps, with a an amazing lookout and photo opportunity on the way down. Can find any sea glass by sifting through an endless thick layer of pebbly shelly mixture at high or low tide, from the edge of the shore right to the back of the beach. You will go cross eyed by the end!

This place is the beginning of my sea glass hunting hobby and is a sea glass hunters HAVEN!

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Jul 07, 2024
Information on Bumboras Beach area of Norfolk Island, Australia
by: Kelsey

Bumboras Beach is a hidden gem along Australia's coastline and a good destination for sea glass hunting. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle, Bumboras Beach offers a serene haven for beachcombers and collectors alike.

Why Visit Bumboras Beach for Sea Glass:

Abundance: Bumboras Beach boasts a generous amount of sea glass with the occasional jewelry-quality piece, making it a fun destination for collectors and enthusiasts.

Scenic Beauty: Enjoy breathtaking coastal views while hunting for sea glass, surrounded by the natural beauty of Bumboras Beach.

Tranquility: Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of this secluded beach.

Tips for Sea Glass Hunting:

Timing: The best time for sea glass hunting is usually after high tide, when fresh treasures are often revealed along the shoreline.

Safety: Remember to respect the environment and local regulations while collecting sea glass. Leave only footprints and take photos to capture your finds.

Plan Your Visit to Bumboras Beach:

Ready to explore Bumboras Beach and uncover its sea glass wonders? Plan your visit today and embark on a memorable beachcombing adventure. Don't forget to bring along a sturdy bag or container to safely transport your newfound treasures.

Join the Community:

Share your sea glass discoveries from Bumboras Beach and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest finds and tips for beachcombing.

Discover the Magic of Sea Glass at Bumboras Beach – Your Ultimate Beachcombing Destination!

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