englewood beach FL

by Trish
(Roslyn, PA)

not very much sea glass found two small pieces was excited as I just started collecting sea glass.

Unfortunately, most of Florida's beaches are low-lying and totally sandy with little to no pebbles or rocks (if anyone knows of any rocky beaches in Florida, we would love to hear about them).

As a result, the glass is buried beneath tons of sand. Obviously, there is glass there but it just hardly is found. Once it is found, it most likely is not very tumbled, as glass tumbled in sand only takes a much longer time to develop a frosted rounded look.

However, a storm could possibly overturn sand and reveal glass from very old shipwrecks, of which there were many, and that very old glass could possibly be frosted and rounded.

Keep on looking and let us know what you find, especially if you can get photos of your finds.

David and Lin

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