Canova Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Florida.

by Karen Palmer
(Brevard County, Florida)

~ submitted by Karen Palmer in Brevard County, Florida

Name of the Beach:

Canova Beach and also north and south of this beach about 1/4 mile.

City nearest to that beach:

Paradise Beach

The state, country, or island where the beach is.

Florida, USA

I have found as many as 10 pieces within 2 hrs.

I recently found my first cobalt blue last week there at Canova.

This beach is very rocky so when the tide is out, I tend to find many pieces lodged between the rocks.

It is a dog beach so there is a lot of traffic.  If you go around 5:00p and the tide is going out is the best time.

I would rate this beach as --- Fair- 1 to 4  pieces of jewelry grade sea glass found per hour.*

by Karen Palmer

sea glass colors line

*Rating: Note that no jewelry grade pieces are shown in the photos.

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