Whalehead Beach, Corolla NC. Sea Glass

by Dee
(Whalehead Beach, Corolla, NC)

 Outer Banks Winter Rainbow 2012

Outer Banks Winter Rainbow 2012

~ Sea Glass Catch of the Day submitted by Dee - Whalehead Beach, Corolla, NC

Outer Banks Winter Rainbow, Dec. 2012

Shark tooth a little bonus. lol : )


sea glass line colors

Dee also sent us a nice note saying, "Dear David and Lin, I finally got a picture of the sea glass I have found here on the Outer Banks. 98% on Whalehead Beach, Corolla, and just a few pieces down South (Kitty Hawk and Nags Head).

I am new to collecting... But I walk to beach almost everyday.... Good therapy ; ).

Thank you so much for your Web Site and all the info.



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