Melbourne Beach, Florida - Sea Glass Beach Report

by Beverley Conley
(Melbourne, Florida)

Melbourne Beach, Florida - Sea Glass Beach Report

Melbourne Beach, Florida - Sea Glass Beach Report

~ sea glass beach report submitted by Beverley Conley in Melbourne, Florida

Name of Beach and Location:

Melbourne Beach - Melbourne, Florida - United States


I really have not had much luck glassing on the Florida beaches. However I live in Melbourne so I continue to hunt. 

You must always go at low tide if you want to find anything at all.  Most of the glass is B grade I would think and without much frosting.

 Last week I did find a lovely teal piece of glass.  It was the first glass that I have found that is of good size and of a blue color.

I would say that Melbourne beach is poor.  In three hours I found 1 teal shard of medium size and 4 pieces of brown and green glass.  Only one piece was of jewelry grade.

You may take your dog to this beach, collect shells,get a good tan and have a lovely walk but you will not find much glass.

~ sea glass beach report submitted by Beverley Conley

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Mar 30, 2016
About Melbourne Beach and bring your dog...
by: Anonymous

Dogs are not permitted by law on any beach in Brevard County. The only exception is a small area called Canova Beach Dog Park in Indian Harbour Beach, which is free to the public, but all dogs have to be on a leash and wear their shot tags.

If you see people bringing dogs to Melbourne Beach (I've lived here 30 plus years), or any other beach besides Canova in this county, they are blatantly breaking the law and can be fined in caught by FWC or beach rangers.

Most dog owners around here know this but continue to do it anyway.

PS - finding glass on this area of the coast is very seasonal and storm dependent.

Some days I find hundreds or pieces south of here in an area known for treasure hunting.

A lot of hobby pickers comb in Melbourne Beach daily, which leaves our glass few and far between.

Happy Hunting.

Jan 07, 2015
Melbourne Beach, Florida Sea Glass
by: Courtney Paige Anderson

May 29, 2014 - I live across the street from the beach.

I tend to find 10-70 pieces almost every time I go for a walk.

Today I found 29 pieces including a beautiful, deep aqua & a huge, thick clear piece. I love Melbourne Beach!

Nov 10, 2014
Eilat Sea Glass
by: Beverley

I find sea glass of good size and frosting everytime I go to the beaches in Eilat, Israel.

Also you will find lot's sea glass on the northern beaches in Israel.

Lovely way to spend a day!

Oct 26, 2014
Patrick AirForce Beach
by: Anonymous

Actually, I have had some luck on Patrick beach lately. I guess it depends on how lucky you are that day.

Last week I found aqua and sea foam colored glass. Most of the time though I find only green brown and white.

I usually find something everyday I go out.

I love the beach though and if I find nothing it is still a beautiful walk on the beach.

Oct 25, 2014
Pretty Good for Glass
by: TaijiFit Dee

October 5, 2014

Found 6 pieces, 4 dark amber, 1 green, and my first blue!!

It took a little less than 2 really enjoyable hours of walking Melbourne beach.

Sep 18, 2014
by: Janice

No problem, you gave me the information I needed.

I'm interested in the glass you found in Eilat. Any more information on that?


Sep 17, 2014
Starfish and Coral II
by: Anonymous


Sorry I did not understand that you were asking me if I found the starfish and coral on Melbourne beach.

No the starfish I found in California and the coral came from Eilat Israel.

The beaches in Eilat produce a lot of glass and coral by the way.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Sep 17, 2014
Starfish and Coral
by: Beverley


When I was a little girl and before the sand replenishing programs started Yes, you could find starfish, sand dollars, sea beans, sharks teeth and all sorts of sea life on the exposed rocks and submerged areas of the you can't even find the rocks!

Sorry to give such a lousy report! I can say that the beaches look beautiful though.

Sep 17, 2014
Starfish and coral
by: Janice

Hi, thank you for reporting on this beach.

Can I ask if you found the starfish and the coral there at Melbourne Beach?

Also, are there very many good shells? Different shapes?

Thank you for your help.

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