Singer Island, FL Beach Glass

by Eric
(Singer Island, FL)

My favorite piece of sea glass - The only black piece I've found!

My favorite piece of sea glass - The only black piece I've found!

~ submitted by Eric in Singer Island, FL

I found roughly 200 pieces of sea glass over the course of 6 days on the beach while visiting our condo on Singer Island, FL.

On an average day time spent searching was between 1-3 hours per day.

During this time the ocean was rough and required being in roughly waist deep water and spotting the sea glass and being able to grab it before the next wave hit.

I've never been able to find sea glass here just laying on the beach regardless of time of day or tide.

It's almost always found in the water or on rare occasion of light colored pieces having it briefly washed up during light surf in wet sand.

Most common pieces found are browns, greens, clear, teal, aqua & one piece of black sea glass. 

Almost all kept pieces were mid to heavily frosted. 

I personally throw back any pieces found that are not heavily frosted.

My wife, who I just introduced to collecting sea glass, would keep pieces still shiny/sharp that I would normally throw back into the ocean to give more time to become a great find for someone else down the road.

Pieces kept:

Around 200. Many more found and thrown back.

Beach rating:   

Excellent - 10+ pieces of jewelry grade sea glass found per hour.


Suggestions would be to plan to get into knee to waist deep water with a sharp eye and a quick hand.

Even though I don't wear them, water shoes might be comfortable if you don't like finding spots heavy in shells & rocks and standing on them while the waves knock you around.

Also, pay attention to the tides and search during optimal times rather than waste lots of energy battling the ocean during high tide or rough ocean.

Also, watch out for sharks.

Lots of sharks are in knee deep water during migration times in particular - if you're not fond of sharks! 

Otherwise enjoy finding these great treasures the ocean has to offer!

~ submitted by Eric in Singer Island, FL

Here's where to find Singer Island, Florida:

sea glass colors line

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