Bradenton Beach, FL - Sea Glass Report

by Kristin Doorn
(Grand Rapids, MI)

Bradenton Beach, Florida

Bradenton Beach, Florida

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The hunting is fair to excellent in the morning especially after a storm. I found a few pieces that others overlooked in an hour, but I was far from the first on the beach.

If you get up super early the beach combing is wonderful (before 5 or 6am is best it is less picked over)

The usual finds are shades of brown and green, clear, and light cyan to cobalt blue less frequently.

The entire west coast of Anna Maria Island, FL is a great place for sea glass because of the shallow waters and the shell fragments which round off the glass.

David at OdysseySeaGlass:

We would like to thank all for your reports. They really do add a lot to this site.

smiley for sea glass reports and comments

However, we would like to remind everyone that reports should include not only how much glass was found in an hour but should report on the grade of the glass found. That is extremely important.

For example, if a report says only "lots of good glass was found," a person might travel hours to that beach only to find that the glass is only craft quality.

So before writing your report, please check our
page on grading sea glass, compare the glass you have found with the photos, and then rate the glass in your report.

That being said, we do appreciate all the reports that come in!

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