Black Point Sea Glass, Connecticut

by Patricia Smith
(Connecticut, USA)

Photos Needed for Black Point

Photos Needed for Black Point

WARNING - This is a private beach, no public access

~ sea glass report for Black Point Beach, Connecticut submitted by Patricia Smith

Name of Beach and Comments:

Black Point

The best blue glass ever!

~ sea glass report for Black Point Beach, Connecticut submitted by Patricia Smith


Added Notes:

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  • No photos were included with this report.
As always, we remind folks that sea glass beach reports are not confirmed by Lin or me at Odyssey Sea Glass unless otherwise stated.
David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

Checking on the internet, apparently this has been a popular beach for many years.

Also, it appears that there were many shipwrecks over the years in the area.

Shipwrecks are sometimes a good source for wine, whiskey, and rum bottles!

BE AWARE, though, that apparently the beaches in all this area are private! See comments below.

David (editor)

Map for Black Point beach in Connecticut:

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Comments for Black Point Sea Glass, Connecticut

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Apr 12, 2017
Private beaches
by: BevAnonymous

I hate the fact that this beach is private. How is it possible that only residents get to enjoy the ocean? Didn't realize people could own the ocean. Cross Connecticut beaches off my places to visit, ever

Dec 11, 2013
Sea Glass near Groton, CT
by: Paula

There's a great little beach in Groton, CT.

It's just down the road from Eastern Point Beach across from a golf course.

I'm not sure it has a name but I've found 5-10 jewelry grade pcs per hour there.

It's wonderfully quaint and quiet.

Feb 13, 2013
Biked in
by: Mike and Dianne

Went with my girlfriend September 2012.

We biked in after parking the car on a side street.

Rode down the main roads on the east and west sides of Black Point.

Beach access is very tough and the places we were able to access didn't yield any sea glass.

I don't think there would even be much luck with kayak access.

There are better places to look in CT and if your a serious beach glass hunter you'll know what I'm talking about.

Sep 15, 2012
black point, ct
by: Anonymous

Can you get on the beach in the fall if your not a resident ?

Sep 06, 2012
walk in?
by: Jenna

what about an out of town vacationer?
could they park elsewhere? and walk in?

Jul 01, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jan 04, 2010
Black Point Sea Glass
by: melanie

Unfortunately all the beaches in that area are private. We have a house in the next area over in Attawan Beach.

Even the town beach you have to have a sticker or proof of residency to even get in.

The old sea hags sit on the beach all summer and watch everything going on.

Sep 20, 2009
Private or Public?
by: Anonymous

Is this beach a public access beach? Do not want to make the trip if it's private.

Aug 28, 2009
Private Beach
by: Anonymous

Tried going here accept the entire place is private, unless you know someone or renting a beach house here, good luck. Spend a awhile driving around trying to find somewhere and was kicked out numberous times : (

Thanks so much for sharing this info. I will be adding it to the beaches list so folks won't waste time!

Just a reminder that we rely on our viewers for the data on most beaches, so please add any useful is it private?!

If you know of another way in (or if you belong to the homeowners association there :-)), please post it here.

David (editor)

Aug 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

from the maps it looks like the majority of the area is private and residential. Where are there good places to park?

Aug 10, 2009
What a weekend!!
by: Patricia Smith

Once again Black Point was awesome, total of 170 pieces of sea glass found! Lot of yellow, which I don't see to much of. Many blue pieces, alot of milky colors. Alot of fun



David (editor)

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