Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

by Anonymous

~ by Anonymous

I have looked several days for literally hours on Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and have not found any sea glass. 

Has anyone found any here? 

If so, does it actually look like sea glass laying in the sand or should I be digging or something?


Florida's beaches don't usually have much sea glass, even if you dig. Why? See About Florida and Sea Glass

When you do see some sea glass, it will usually be very obvious - and exciting! It does look like gems, especially when it's worn and rounded and is wet.

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Jun 02, 2018
N. Florida glass
by: Anonymous

OMG! We have a bowl full of glass! Brown and white are the most common colors.

I have found aqua, dark blue, dark green, light green. I also have some lavender, dark dark brown and, today, some black. (My hubby says the black looks dark grey to him.)

The glass is "findable" here but it's not as easy as picking up shark's teeth 😁 and we have thousands of those!

We've lived here for 17 years, always to the same beaches and normally "hunt" at low tide.

May 24, 2018
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by: David

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Oct 23, 2016
by: Lynn

Oct 23, 2016 - I never found any sea glass at Mickler but I did find a lot of fossils and sharks teeth.

Jan 14, 2016
Mickler's in Ponte Vedra Beach
by: Anonymous

Found 9 pieces of varying colors (mostly frosted white, few aqua, light green etc.) off of Mickler's beach in Ponte Vedra Beach today 1/14/2016.

You just need to keep your head down and walk slow.

They're out there!!

Oct 17, 2015
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Nov 06, 2013
Coco Beach , Fla. any luck there ?
by: Rev. Tom - Easton, Pa. USA

By: Rev. Tom - Easton, Pa. USA

I will be on a cruise to Port Canaveral, Nassau. Bahamas, & Freeport. Bahamas. and since I am new to this beach glass hunting..

I was wondering if anyone has and tips on these locations ? or how to find them ?


Rev. Tom


Hi Tom - Have you tried using the search box at the top of these pages?

Enter the word you're looking for - there's info on many beaches on this site.

David @ OdysseySeaGlass.com

Sep 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

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