Compass Island One Tree Island Florida Beach Glass

by May

St. Pete, Florida Beach  <i></b>photo by markus941</i>

St. Pete, Florida Beach photo by markus941

St. Pete, Florida

Found 2 pieces of poorly tumbled , very slightly frosted brown glass at St. Pete Beach , a pretty green/clear coke bottle piece on Clearwater beach and another brown piece on Compass Island/ One Tree Island.

Sure, they are not quality pieces but excited to have found a few pieces my first visit to a beach , especially in a place where no one seems to find them , lol.

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Sep 29, 2015
Compass Island / One Tree Island, St. Pete, Florida
by: May

Found 2 pieces of poorly tumbled, very slightly frosted brown glass at St. Pete Beach, a pretty green/clear Coke bottle piece on Clearwater Beach, and another brown on Compass Island / One Tree Island.

Feb 17, 2010
Enjoying your site
by: Traci

I have only recently discovered your site and I am really enjoying it.

I am a long time lover of collecting seaglass and I am in Costa Rica right now finding some real treasures.

I'd love to share pics but I can't figure out the right setting on my camera?


Hi Traci,

Wow, we're looking forward to some pics of sea glass from Costa Rica.

I just usually use the "auto" setting on my camera, obviously I'm not a pro photographer!

However, they seem to turn out pretty good. One thing you need to be sure of is that you lay the piece on a fairly flat surface. If their is a a background several inches or a foot or more behind the sea glass, your camera will try to focus on the background and the sea glass comes out blurry.

A lot of cameras have a closeup setting which works really well with my second camera.

Other more professional photographers are free to chip in here! They will probably want to know what camera you are using, though.

Thanks for your input,

David (editor)

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