Red found on the Eastern Shore - Virginia - May 2012

by Jeanie
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Ruby Red

Ruby Red

By: Jeanie - Virginia Beach, VA

Me and my seaglass buddies have found the site of an old dump along the Chesapeake Bay. 

Finding lots of old pottery shards, bottle stoppers, depression glass, insulators... unbelievable site. 

I know that the site was once the town dump because after wading into the water and walking out 20 yards or so, I noticed there was no glass to be found...nothing washing ashore. 

All the glass is concentrated in two areas about a couple hundred yards from one another.  Two dump sites along the shoreline. 

Wow...what a find.... 

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What I'm trying to find out is if it is true that when they did the redevelopment of this beach cliff, did they haul most of the glass out to the dump

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Jul 10, 2019
Been walking the ES for a couple of decades
by: Jay

I have been walking the oceanside beaches of the lower Eastern shore for 20 or so years now. Have walked from Fishermans island almost to Fenwick.
Very remote beaches with only boat access and even then you have to know where you are going. All kinds of good beach combing to be had but in my experience very little if ANY sea glass. The old towns (and there were several) are now far out to see as the beaches are constantly retreating westward.
Very beautify area but not much in the way of sea glass I am afraid. I prob have a couple hundred pounds my wife and I have collected overv the years and very few from anywhere on the seaside.

Jul 24, 2015
Cape Henry
by: Jp Barnes

I have made some very nice finds at either end of Ft. Story beach at Cape Henry.

The bay side, at the posted US Govt sign area has rendered some lovely pieces from time to time.

Don't forget to check all the way to the dune line.

That's where I found my favorite piece!

Jul 16, 2015
Location of dumps on Eastern Shore
by: Jp

I left comment in May 2015 and have not had a reply. Would you please share location of these dumpsites?

I can't get there often, but will be up the shore later today. jpbarnes4 at verizon dot net.

I also live in VA Beach.


Mar 19, 2015
Where on Eastern Shore?
by: Jp

I have never gone glassing on the ES, but hope to do so in a couple weeks.

Could you please, please, share a spot?

Jun 11, 2012
re: Eastern Shore finds last Friday
by: Jenny Pierce

Love, love the two reds, the pics of sea glass.

I live in Virginia Beach and find most of my glass in Hampton near the shipyard and in Oceanview-Norfolk area.

Chicks Beach-Virginia Beach can be hit or miss and whenever we get over the bridge to Eastern Shore it's a good day of beach combing.


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Jun 09, 2012
by: Em

Congratulations on your finds.

How did you happen to discover your location?

I love the Eastern Shore and would be estatic to just find more than a few pieces on our annual vacation to the Eastern Shore.

Keep posting pictures. I love seeing what others find.

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