Another weeks worth of finds in Naples Florida

by Amanda
(Naples, Fl )

some of the shark teeth found- theres 16 in this picture

some of the shark teeth found- theres 16 in this picture

We had a tropical disturbance this week, which kicked the waves into high gear for days!

I didnt take pics of all my finds or all the different colors of glass, cause my boyfriend actually has some with him at work,:/ He forgot to bring them home last night.

He is the assistant park manager here at Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples.

Anyway, in these pics you can see the browns, greens lots of clear were found. Olive green- found about 6 pieces in 1 day! blue.

We also found bones that have fossilized over the years and in 2 days I found 31 shark teeth! One possibly being a megalodon tooth!

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Sep 29, 2015
More Naples FL sea glass
by: David and Lin from OdysseySeaGlass

Florida Sea Glass
Naples, Florida Sea Glass Report

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