Ocean View Beach Park VA Sea Glass Report

by Patty

A Person Near a Fence, Knocked Down by Heavy Atlantic Storm Surges
Karen Kasmauski
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Page By: Patty  - Baltimore

Name of the Beach:

Ocean View Beach Park

City nearest to the beach:

Norfolk Virginia

The state, country, or island where the beach is:

adjacent to naval air station

Describe your find; for example, approximately how many pieces you found, unusual colors, and whether they were well-rounded and frosted or if they had sharp edges:

We found 2 pieces of glass between 4 people & they are not jewelry ready.

We did find lots of cool washed up marine debris & plant life.

Rate the beach:

--- Poor - 0 piece of jewelry grade sea glass found per hour. 

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Comments for Ocean View Beach Park VA Sea Glass Report

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Oct 10, 2015
Sarah Constant Shrine, Norfolk, Virginia
by: Sarah

Went to Sarah Constant Shrine, Norfolk, Virginia.

Good pickings after the latest storms.

Some frosted while others had no sharp edges.

Blues, Browns, Clear, and even a small Red!

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