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Sea Glass Photos, Beach Beads, Sale
May 19, 2015

How is everyone? This newsletter is going out later than usual.

Lin and I have been traveling a lot this month and it's always a challenge to try to keep up with "regular chores" when you're not in your own space.

We've also been taking advantage of the month we are spending in the USA to sell some of the nice sea glass we've hoarded over the last couple of years.

For the next few days, we are in Maryland at Lin's mother's house on the west shore of the Chesapeake.

We drove over to Brownie's Beach to find "beach beads" yesterday. There are some photos and information below about that fun trip.


Here's what you'll find below in this December 2014 edition of the Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter.

But first...

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Winner of the April 2015 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Sea glass photo contest winner

"Amethyst Sea Glass"
by Selkie's Sea Glass (Victoria, B.C. Canada)

Congratulations to you from all us 'glassers! 

sea glass

colors line

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Brownie's Beach (Bay Front Park)

A little north of Lin's mother's house is a unique beach that we enjoy visiting.

Unofficially it's been known as Brownie's Beach but the official name is Bay Front Park, a park within the town of Chesapeake Beach.

During the summer months there is a fee for use of the park. For details see the official site http://www.chesapeake-

The attraction for us and a number of other people are the beads that can be found on Brownie's Beach - tiny but colorful and lots of fun to find.

We spent about an hour at the beach and found around 80 small, brightly-colored beads between the 3 of us:

brownies beach beads bay front park maryland
Included in the finds are tubular bonelike objects that we also find intriguing. This beach is also a good place to find shark's teeth fossils. David did find one shown in the upper right.

brownies beach beads bay front park maryland
These tiny beads come in many colors. Yesterday, the yellows were really showing up in the bright sunlight.

Where do these beads come from?

The article "Waterfront Amusement Parks in Maryland" states in part:

Two or three times a year, staff at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Lab will get a call from a local citizen who has been beachcombing along the Chesapeake Bay at Brownie’s Beach. 

While better known as a place for hunting fossils from the Miocene, the calls we get are about the small, colorful glass beads that are also a common find there.  

Many people think they have discovered Indian trade beads, while in actuality the beads are of a more recent vintage. 

Two likely explanations for why the beads are present at Brownie Beach have been posited:  that they are washing up from a 20th-century ship that wrecked nearby or that they were souvenirs from the now-defunct amusement park once located just to the north, in Chesapeake Beach.

Whether or not the source of these beads will ever be known (we feel it was from a shipwreck) the beads themselves are a delight and it's a great place to take kids - shallow, no waves, and plenty of things to look for.

If you're heading to Maryland or down the East Coast this summer why not check out Brownie's Beach? And take photos to share with the rest of us.

Beachcombing is fun for all ages.

We hope that you can experience the joy of searching for treasures on a beach near you soon. From the tiniest bit of common glass to a more exotic piece, each is a real treasure.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your plans are for the coming month, whoever your favorite companion is, and however you go about doing it...

Happy Hunting!

David and Lin

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sea glass colors line

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Happy hunting,

David and Lin in Huanchaco - Sea Glass Newsletter

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