SheSeadances- Sea Glass Palm Coast, Florida USA

by Teri Kirk
(Palm Coast, Florida USA)

SheSeadances FB cover page

SheSeadances FB cover page

Sea Glass

USA - Florida - 7 Ripley Place - Palm Coast

We Offer:
  • Sea glass jewelry, as well as other jewelry fashioned with hemp macramé and charms, wind chimes handcrafted with sea glass, sea shells, starfish or driftwood:

  • A variety of sea inspired home décor fashioned with sea shells, driftwood; sea glass bookmarks and key chains, sea glass dog collar charms, wine glass charms, wine bottle stoppers with sea glass or sea shells, various sea shell artwork sea shell and sea glass ornaments, various Sea inspired framed pictures, various hand painted sea inspired wooden signs, sea shells, and driftwood art

  • Specializing in all things sea and soul inspired such as  expertly handcrafted  custom made to order sea glass jewelry as well as other jewelry and custom sea glass and sea shell wind chimes, ready made wind chimes and sea glass and other jewelry , sea /beach home and garden décor, drill sea glass for others, sea shell artwork, framed sea/ beach photos and hand painted signs, custom driftwood art, custom made to order and ready made sea shell and sea glass ornaments and educate others on sea glass,


I have always been an artistic person and since my recent retirement, I became fascinated with creating artwork made from my mostly personal extensive collection of treasures from the sea I have been lucky enough to find over the years.

  • Specialize in sea glass art, wind chimes and mobiles made with sea shells, driftwood, starfish and beads, and other accessories related to the sea and soul!

 I beach comb and dive  for sea shells,driftwood and sea glass, buy sea glass from Sea Glass Auctions sellers, am an approved sea glass seller and editor for Sea Glass

Got started handcrafting recycled sea glass and sea shell wind chimes with starfish or driftwood initially, then honed, expanded and refined my artwork skills in the creation of many types of  ready made and custom made to order beach décor and High end quality authentic Sea glass jewelry which is my specialty and which I sell on my Etsy shop..

I have so many ideas in my head and can't wait to have the time to bring them to life and share with you!

I am a big believer in "paying it forward" and love all animals and nature! I believe in healthy nutrition and am adamant about protecting the environment. Organic, non-Gmo foods and all natural household & personal hygiene products that I make myself.

I have 4 "helpers" in the business. My 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Nelson & Lilly, my cat , Kiddy, and my husband serves as a constructive critic & consulter as well as quality control manager!

I enjoy creating new and innovative beach home décor, scuba diving, beachcombing, reading and cooking!

I am very aware of purchasing my materials that come from quality sources and strive to use those only made in the USA or reputable sellers internationally!

I have a most blessed life and promise to work hard to bring you artwork that feeds your soul!



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