Calvert Cliffs State Park

by Bex

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean at Assateague Island

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean at Assateague Island

~ Beach Glass Report By: Bex - Virginia

Calvert Cliffs State Park

Lusby, Maryland, USA

Went yesterday (10/5/2012), found two fossilized shark teeth and a cool fossilized shell, but no glass.

I was very disappointed. I was there for the entire day from sunrise to sunset looking. Found nothing.

Rating: --- Poor - 0 piece of jewelry grade sea glass found per hour.

As a warning: There is a lot of quartz that looks like frosted white seaglass, and unless you know your rocks, one could get easily confused.

There is also a nuclear power plant near by, if anyone has health issues about ones environment.

Note - Lin (Odyssey's resident expert and VP) has visited Calvert Cliffs State Park and agrees with this report.
  • Great for sharks teeth and fossils.
  • Poor for sea glass.
Lin also reports that Flag Ponds Nature Park in Lusby, Maryland (Calvert County Beaches) is also poor for sea glass. However, she notes, there is always the "possibility" on any beach of a good find.)

Map of Calvert Cliffs State Park beach area:

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