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A Journey into the Past - The Beginning of the Sea Glass Odyssey

It happened late one afternoon.

I had been walking slowly along the shore near my mother's house on the Chesapeake Bay looking for beach treasures... sea glass odyssey washington
Chesapeake orange sea glass
Wanting to make one last trip down the small beach, I turned around and wow!!!

Tumbling up the beach pushed by a small wave was an orange piece of sea glass!

I couldn't believe it at first. Then I started jumping up and down. I just had to run home and show it to everybody...

Lin Schneider

The Thrill of the Hunt

Have you experienced the thrill of finding a deliciously-frosty and perfectly-tumbled piece of sea or beach glass? Although most are not orange, each piece is an exciting find in itself. Perhaps you have wondered:

What is Sea Glass What is "sea glass?"
Sea glass defined. All about genuine seaglass, beach glass, ocean glass, sea gems, mermaid's tears, etc.

Where can I find Sea Glass Where can I find it?
Are you planning on taking a trip to the beach and want to know if there good beaches for sea glass in that area?
Where are the best beaches for collecting sea glass?

Where to Find Sea and Beach Glass Information?

Here's what happened to me and why I decided to write about this wonderful subject.:

Like many of you, my "Odyssey" or journey began quite a few years ago.

While enjoying walks on the shore, first on Lake Erie and later on various Atlantic and Pacific beaches, I began picking up sea glass (also known as beach glass).

Then as time went by, I found myself really getting excited and even hooked on finding more rare and exotic pieces.

Sea Glass Line colors

Not only was I beginning to want to spend more and more time actually looking for sea or beach glass, but at the same time I was trying to figure out some way of using it creatively. So I started searching the Internet for more information.

However, when I began to research sea and beach glass, I couldn't really find what I was looking for, such as
You probably have had a similar experience.

Compiling the Information on Sea Glass

Now, I've put what I've found by researching and learned by experience together - an ongoing process, as I continue to discover fascinating new tidbits on the beach and from others..

On the pages of this site, you'll find the answers to the questions towards the beginning of this page ... and much more. My husband David writes much of the material found here, but relies heavily not only on my experience but also on the excellent contributions of many of you sea glass fans.

If you've faced the same kinds of questions I had when I was starting out, I know that you'll find these 2,000+ pages of information that we have put together very interesting and useful!

Sea Glass Line colors

To start, go to the top of the left column. You'll see the main topics to look for.

Of course, with all the harder-to-find pages on this site, you might also want to search for specific information using the search box below. It will show you all our pages that refer to the specific word or phrase you are looking for.  For example, try entering 'red' here:

If you entered 'red' you see that there are over 100 pages on this site that mention red beach glass.

Even more fun is to participate in sharing your thoughts and ideas, crafts and photos, and to see what others are doing, go to the Odyssey Sea Glass Forums.

Happy hunting on your Sea Glass Odyssey,!

David and Lin Schneider

David and Lin Schneider Beach Glass Hunt

On Whidbey Island of the San Juans, Washington State

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June 2015
"Sea Glass Cairn"
by Brian Jenkins of Neptune's Confetti

Sea glass photo contest winner
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July 2015
Carnival Glass 
Selkie's Sea Glass (Victoria, B.C. Canada)

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