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What is Sea Glass?

When you are first starting to collect beach glass or sea glass, you might have questions about what you've found. Even those with more experience might have trouble telling if a certain object is beach glass or not.

We'll answer the main questions and also related questions about what is beach glass and sea glass.

  • Beach glass - found on fresh water or salt water beaches

  •  Sea glass - found only on salt water beaches.

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First - Sea Glass or Beach Glass?

  • Sea glass is beach glass - beach glass is found on freshwater or saltwater shores, sea glass is found only on saltwater shores.

  • Beach glass and sea glass are shards (broken glass) that shows specific characteristics. We'll talk about those characterising next.

  • For simplicity's sake and because of its common use, we will sometimes use the term "sea glass" to refer to both fresh and saltwater beach glass.

What makes a glass shard (broken glass) into beach glass?

Here are the most important factors that make beach glass what it is and give the glass its characteristic etched and glowing appearance.

When a glass shard has been naturally tumbled, rounded, and etched on all surfaces, it is classified as beach glass.
These four marks of identification will be present for a shard of glass to meet the classification of beach glass or sea glass:
  1. Beach glass is glass that has been discarded and ends up on a beach.

  2. Then, wave action on a sandy or rocky shore tumbles, rounds, and etches the glass.

  3. Sunlight reacts with elements in the glass, contributing to an etched surface and sometimes a change in color.

  4. Chemical composition of the water also dissolves (leaches out) certain substances of the glass, contributing to very tiny pitting or etching of the surface of the glass.

When a glass shard has been tumbled, rounded, and etched on all surfaces, it is classified as beach glass.

What is the difference between beach glass and sea glass?

The more general term "beach glass" refers to glass that can be found on fresh or saltwater shores, but "sea glass" is beach glass specifically found only on saltwater beaches.
  • The differences between freshwater beach glass and saltwater (sea) glass are so slight that in many cases no real differences are noticeable.

  • However, most freshwater lakes lack enough wave action to tumble the glass. That and the fact that there are so many more miles of saltwater beaches in the world means that most of the beach glass that you will see is from ocean beaches. For that reason, the term "sea glass" is more commonly used.

  • Usually, if a piece of beach glass has been found on a lake, that fact will be mentioned.

Since most of the beach glass found is from saltwater shores, the term sea glass is used generally to apply to all glass shards that have the necessary characteristics (marks of identification).

Is the piece of glass you've found beach glass?

What is sea glass anyway?

It is beach glass if:

  • It was naturally tumbled by wave action on a beach.
  • All surfaces are etched - there are no shiny surfaces.
  • There are no sharp edges (the exception would be beach glass that has later been broken, leaving a sharp edge).
Then, if you found it on a saltwater beach, your beach glass is more specifically called sea glass.

How can you tell if what you have found is beach glass (sea glass) or just a pebble?

Even for experienced sea-glassers, it is at times hard to tell the difference between certain pebbles and sea glass.

How to tell:

First, it must show the characteristics or marks of identification mentioned above..
how can i tell if it's sea glass
  • Hold it in front of a bright light.

  • If it's sea glass, you will see light coming through evenly with little or no lines, spots, cracks, or layers*

  • Wet the object thoroughly. There will be a big difference in color, and you will be able to see more light through the glass evenly (if it is very dark, of course, you might not see through it; however, it will be noticeably clear).
*There are exceptions to the above instructions; for example, fire melt (bonfire glass) and semi-opaque glass such as milk glass, jadite, insulators, some marbles, ceramics and other semi-transparent glass. Also, some pebbles, such as agate, can be harder to tell apart.

These steps, however, will eliminate most rocks or pebbles that look like glass.

Definition -

Glass Becomes Sea Glass or Beach Glass when:

- A piece of glass has been tumbled by natural wave action to the point where there are no sharply-defined edges or corners, and

2 -The natural action of elements in the water along with sunlight and tumbling action have produced a unique frosted or etched surface covering all sides of the glass.

If these two factors are not present, it is just a glass shard, no matter where it is found.

*The term "Beach Glass" is more general and includes naturally-tumbled glass that is found on freshwater beaches as well as ocean beaches.

sea glass colors line

What is Sea Glass? - People are Naturally Curious

~ comments by Lin

Usually, if someone is walking along a beach and sees me bending over, hands on knees, scrutinizing the sand and pebbles, they slow right down, and kind of try to see what I'm looking for. Then, if they aren't too inhibited they'll ask, "What ARE you looking for?"

What is sea glass?

So, I'll say, "Sea glass," and see how they respond. Some will ask right off, "What IS sea glass?" Some already know what it is.

On the other hand, some are hesitant to let on that they don't know what sea glass is, so then I'll usually ask them if they know what sea glass is.

If they don't know what sea glass is, I'll say something like:

"You know, when you're walking along the beach and you find little pieces of glass of different colors.

Those are from busted up bottles and glassware that have been in the salt water for a long time and because of the currents and the sun and the waves and the sand, they turn out really frosty."

If I get a blank look as if to say, "Why in the world would you want to pick up broken glass?"

I'll usually show them pieces of frosted glass that we've found that day.

Or, if I'm wearing a piece of sea glass jewelry, I will show them that.

Then, it's like, "Oh, wow!"

Lin Schneider
david and lin schneider

Identifying Real Sea Glass

Have you heard that the best way to learn to identify counterfeit money is by getting very familiar with the way real money looks?
  • The same is true of sea glass or beach glass.
  • One of the best ways to answer the question, "What is sea glass" is to see the real thing. The more you see, the easier it will be to recognize.

Get familiar with the look of genuine sea glass as seen on this site:

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Many thanks to you both for your time and insight!

I love your page. It's been a great resource in my hunting!

All Best, Amanda in Connecticut

Hi David,

I received your sea glass hearts and I LOVE them all.

Thank you so much for sending the extra hearts.

I was so touched by your thoughtfulness and I appreciate you sharing these special gifts from the sea! Hope to see more of your sea glass soon!

Thanks again,


Hi David,

Just wanted to tell you thank you for the monthly sea glass newsletter. I love it, and look forward to it.

Thanks again to you and your wife.


Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate receiving my sea glass order so quickly.

Love the flowers, wave crest & rare pastels and the little extra surprise....you made my day!!


I am so fascinated by sea glass - I can’t believe at 70 I found a new hobby.

Thanks for the opportunity to search and read up on this!


Your site made me so happy tonight! Why?

Many happy memories swirled back into my mind when I saw your pictures. I spent my childhood on the beaches of Cape Cod and we spent many happy hours looking for sea glass."


It is a pleasure and refreshing to meet people in the sea glass community that are willing to share! I got some great tips from your site. It was wonderful not to spend my entire vacation looking for a beach. Thanks again!

Maryanne K.W.

Hi David and Lin.

Love your sea glass web site. I enjoy your picture of the month and intend on winning at least once.

I have been collecting and creating things from sea glass for over twenty years. I find my sea glass on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio.

Thank you for sharing your treasures with me. Yours truly,

Cathy Lincks

What an AWESOME site! I love reading about it, looking at all of your pictures, and planning my next vacation to the perfect beach.

Keep up the great work!


I’m a new subscriber to your newsletter and I love it!


Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletters.

I never even knew about sea glass before 2 years ago, now of course I'm hooked, love it, just love it.


Hi David and Lin - I love your website! Thank you for sharing info...


Hi David. Its Bill and Joan Laverick, Durham City, North East of England. We love reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

Bill & Joan

I soo look forward to reading your blogs.

Jacqueline Giguere

Just wanted to let you know (since you were so helpful) that I won a blue ribbon (1st place) in Gifford Middle School Science Fair in the category of Environmental Science with my topic - Effect of a Florida Tidal Inlet on Wrack Line Sea Glass Volume.

Now, I will compete in the Regional Science Fair which will take place on Feb 2nd. My mom and dad and I had a lot of fun searching for sea glass.


Mary Hyde

I am beginning to be a typical sea glass hunter - always looking for fun places to find glass!

I think your site is great - very informative - thanks for the time and effort you put into it.


I am beginning to be a typical sea glass hunter - always looking for fun places to find glass!

I think your site is great - very informative - thanks for the time and effort you put into it.


I love your email newsletters. I am 77 and try to get "glassin" whenever anyone will take me to the beach!! :-))

P. Paul

Hi David

Just wanted to tell you thank you for the monthly sea glass newsletter. I love it, and look for ward to it.

Thanks again to you and your wife,

Judi Weber

Hi David and Lin!

I SO enjoy you newsletter! Please forward it to my sister. I've got her hooked on the beauty of sea glass!

Thanks in advance! Happy foraging.

Joan D

Hi David and Lin,

I have shared your website with my other sea glass fanatic friends over the last couple of years and they love it as much as I do.

Yours is my favourite website of all time and the very best website I've seen for everything sea glass.

I can lose myself for hours in your website. Dangerous place!

Anne O, Toronto

Thanks so much for the information.

I visited Carbon Beach today.

Very small and few people but a nice supply of glass just as you stated.



Hi Lin and David,

I have come to sea glass via my shell collecting and am finding it very addictive too. Last year I found a glass bottle stopper which was a thrill.

I really enjoy the newsletter and can easily spend an evening getting lost in the stories and comments.


Anne Cram

Just wanted to thank you for all of your helpful information.

The sea glass community is filled with people who guard their secret beaches so it is refreshing to see that there are people who are willing to share.

It's so useful for those of us that don't live near a beach and travel to find our glass.

The information posted here lets us spend more time enjoying our adventure rather than wasting time looking for a great spot

Thanks again,

Anonymous Viewer

Gee, my heart races when I hear about all these marvelous finds.

Kudos to this wonderful site and for those who share their finds.

You've got a friend in me,

Norma Myrphy

I love your site, thanks for all the wonderful info.

I'm looking forward to my new hobby and participating in your odyssey Seaglass forum.



David & Linda,

So wonderful to have crossed paths with you and thanks for sharing your expertise on sea glass along with your wonderful website.

Ann & I have caught your infectious seaglass fever! Hope to cross paths again soon.

Happy and safe traveling!

Richard C. Wong · Portland, Oregon

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