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I love sea glass videos!

Visually Pleasing and Entertaining Sea Glass Videos - Finding sea glass - Checking out new beaches, beautiful scenery, friends...what fun!

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Newest Video - Lin Finds Sea Glass in Huanchaco, Peru 2015

In 2013, we moved to Huanchaco Beach, Peru, an interesting seaside town near Trujillo, one of the biggest cities in the country of Peru in South America.

We didn't know what to expect as far as sea glass went but from the surrounding environment, we had some good expectations (see Land Features, Beach Layout, and Water).

We flimed this brief video on February 18th, 2015, and it is representative of what you'll find in two or three hours at the beach here.

As you can see, Huanchaco Beach provides really good sea glass hunting. Although not in the class of the best beaches in the world (for example, Seaham Beach for rarity or Fort Bragg, CA for quantity), this is definitely an area that sea glass fanatics would LOVE to explore.

Here on Odyssey Sea Glass, we have loads more photos and info on Huanchaco and othe beaches in Peru for your browsing pleasure.

Finding Sea Glass - Intro

Sea Glass Videos

In 2013, we filmed our first video of collecting sea glass near North Beach, Washington. Here is a brief run of a couple of minutes scrabbling through some beach pebbles. David finds an interesting green and Lin finds an orange/red.

Finding Sea Glass - Intro

Since this was a trial run, I included just a few minutes. Later on this same day, I took a lot of footage.

Lin and I will try to find the time to go through it and add some much more interesting scenes.

Please share these by clicking on the Facebook and other buttons at the top of this page.

Finding Sea Glass - Part 2

Sea Glass Videos

This is the second in a series of video briefs shot in Washington.

David and Lin hike the beaches on a beautiful day.

In this very short video, David finds a marble and an intereting object within a few feet of each other. Exciting? Yep!

Finding Sea Glass - Part 2 David Finds Marble

Our First Video Slide Show 2009 - Sea Glass Saunter

Sea Glass Videos

David had been wanting for some time to take sea glass photos of a typical day with the pieces lying just "As Found On The Beach."

So, he finally did it, and this video is what came out of that afternoon (see also some of the original photos in the photo gallery). To brag a little, David played the background music and wrote most of the soundtrack.

Rosario Beach, Fidalgo Island, Washington, USA

On this video slide show, I (David) shot the photos as soon as I came across a piece of glass, but the agates (a few)...and driftwood...and especially the pebbles...were all distracting me (I didn't include those).

As you can see, there is enough to be found in less than 2 hours, even by me!

Lin found a lot more (she always does, and I'm whining again :-), but she was way down the beach, so I only got a few photos of her pieces.

Some are asking about the reddish-orange colors of some of the sea glass in Sea Glass Saunter.

Unfortunately, there are no orange or red pieces.

I didn't enhance these photos in any way, but the angle of the winter sun really made these pieces look juicy!

Makes me want to just pop them in my mouth sometimes...

sea glass colors line

Part of the fun of going to the beach, hunting for sea glass and other beach treasures, and just the general enjoyment of the outdoors is bringing something back to show your friends.

Videos are even better than photographs to capture certain things about a beach glass trip or vacation. 

For example, the wind or waves and anything that is best captured through motion.

Of course, it does involve a little more work than still shots, like getting it to look right, editing, sound, et cetera.

But a simple basic video is always fun to look at.

Now, the added attraction is to be able to upload it to one of the many sites on the net, making it a simple thing to share a sea glass video with others just about anywhere in the world.

Well, having said that, Lin and I just haven’t had the time or equipment in the past to take full advantage of this great medium. 

It is something that we have been planning on expanding right from the start of this site but have not had the right circumstances for making good video projects yet.

On the other hand, if there are any of you fans out there with suggestions or who want to put up some videos, please let us know through our contact page in the left column here. 

It would be easy for us to put a YouTube video, etc, on this page, for example.

All I can say as far as our own videos go, is WE WANT TO make them. Well we want to travel around the world, too…

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