Seaham Beach England Sea Glass

by Tropicsurf
(Los Organos Peru)

We, David and Lin from, have received a number of questions about Seaham, England area beaches.  We responded initally with the following:

"Some have wondered where the sea glass on the famous Seaham beach in England came from.

"Obviously, there was some kind of glass manufacturer because of the variety of colors and blends not normally found on you average beach.

"If some of you who are knowledgeable about sea glass in the Seaham area could weigh in here, that would be really appreciated by all of us.

"Of course, 99% of us will never get there to see for ourselves, but we like to conjecture about it!

seaham beach
photo by Vertigogen

We had a number of excellent and informative responses on several of our pages here at OdysseySeaGlass.

Since we get submissions from our readers, some of whom live near Seaham, and these submissions come in a different times, the information on Seahams history and other information is scattered over several different pages.

Until the time (far in the future), when I can consolidate all these pages and information, you can read through the following submissions.

The original bottle manufacturing done in Seaham area reached its prime under a famous local man, John Candish. Several of his descendants have contributed to the information found in the comment sections on these pages.

I would recommend starting with the comments at the bottom of this page. Read them from the bottom up (oldest is at the bottome).


The following page is also a must-read if you are searching for information on the background of Seaham Glass and its beaches.

Sea Glass UK British Isles Seaham
Seaham beach North East of England open in new window for sea glass links

When reading the comments at the bottom of these pages, you might want to read from the bottom up (oldest comments are at the bottom) in order to make sense of the more recent comments.

Comments for Seaham Beach England Sea Glass

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Coming to Newcastle Seaham in May
by: Carol

My sisters and I are coming to New Castle for a family genealogy trip in May. My great grandfather was born there in in 1859. The family was James and Bridget McAndrew. He worked in the mines when he was 12.

I am a sea glass hunter and Seaham Beach sounds wonderful. We may not have a car and will stay somewhere in Newcastle. Any travel advice or help for about May 21st would be wonderful.

David and Lin ask you to book a hotel in Seaham :)

How to Travel to Seaham beach from out of the North East
by: Anonymous

Nearest train station is Park Lane station or Sunderland station.Both in Sunderland. Then get the bus from Sunderland to Seaham town centre. You can stay in Seaham or Sunderland. People here are super friendly. You will be shocked.

I go to the seaside daily and make a new friend each day. My kids love it.

My son always says everyone is like a best friend.

We always come him with a bag full of multicoloured glass.

Come join the fun. Have a cup of coffee, ice cream, or indeed fish and 🍟 or Italian cuisine on one of the many restaurants dotted about. Barclays bank is at hand. A handful English pubs nearby if you are so inclined.

Not crowded. Very clean. And no rowdy impoliteness about.

Well recommended. Look out for the tall Afro guy about called NYASHA.

Because I will be there.

See you soon.


Lodging near Seaham
by: David

Highly recommended lodgings:

Sea Glass Seaham England hotels
Eastshaw Guesthouse, Seaham, England
"The Best B & B we have stayed at!" 5 of 5 stars
"This was an amazing find for us. The balance of high professionalism combined with making us feel welcomed and relaxed was wonderful. MIck and Julie were keen for us to have a lovely holiday and they succeeded."  More Reviews...

Can't wait
by: Lia

My friend & myself are hoping to visit as soon as we can. Coming from the north west we have very boring sea glass in comparison!!

Looking for Air B&B stay in /nearSeaham.
by: Ludi


We are planning a short one day trip to Seaham beach over the weekend in September.

I was wondering if anyone know or would recommend Air B&B place for 2 people near beaches? Walking distance or near transportation?


where's the beach?
by: Judy

Hello! Coming form the US to visit my daughter in Newcastle and would love to do a day trip to Seaham to collect some English sea glass.

Is it possible to do that trip in one day? Where exactly would we go?

We will have to rely on public transportation as we won't be renting a the trip possible from Newcastle for just a day?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Help ASAP!) Questions about visiting Seaham and Ryhope
by: Irene Moon - in Korea

Greetings from South Korea!

I am going to visit London on October 20-27, so I plan to vist County Dunham for one day to hunt for sea glass!

I have some questions in order to adjust my schedule.

1) I plan to visit County Dunham early in the morning and departure late in the evening. I will have to check the tide hours, but I plan to take a long walk in the beaches in Seaham, Ryhope. Does anyone know how long it will take to walk the Seaham Beach? How about the Ryhope Beach?

2) Where should I start? Should I start at the Seaham Beach and finish at the Ryhope Beach, or vice versa? Which

3) Which transportation is more quicker from London to there; train or bus? Which station should I use when I departure? Do I need to go all the way to Sunderland? Or is there a better route?

4) Does many people visit there now? If so, I may have to visit there on the weekdays.

I would be VERY thankful if someone can help my with my marvelous trip of beachcombing! Thank you very much!

Irene Moon
A South Korean beachcomber

Seaham sea glass
by: Reenee

Seaham sea glass was one of the best discoveries we made on a tourist trip from Northern England.

We went back several times and picked up sea glass that we brought home to America.

We are now making jewelry as gift for family.

It definitely is the best sea glass.

You Gotta Go
by: marie

My husband and I just came back from Seaham Beach.

We went specifically for the sea glass.

The glass is amazing. We were there for 5 days looking for these beautiful treasures.

We got many mixed colors.

The glass was so tumbled and frosted and the colors were just beautiful.

We were so glad we went it makes the glass we find here pathetic.

Wext stop ..Bermuda lol

In need of Help Please!
by: Lynn D.

Hi, trying to reach Paula J who contacted me in Dec. but I could not figure out how to respond.

David, I love this website, but truly wish there was an easy way for members to talk to each other.

I live in MASS., as does Paula . We both want to go to Seaham, but can't seem to reach ea.other on your site. It really is very frustrating.

Can you please help at all ? 

Sometimes, other members ask questions that I could help with, as I've been a very successful artist all my life...but again, can't contact them.

Thanks on advance for any way to solve these problems!!


Hi Lynn,

I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately we don't have a way for you to send messages to private individuals.

As I mentioned in an earlier comment below, you can put your contact information here. However, for security sake, you should make some changes.

For example, if my email is, I would put it here as davidseaglass88 (at) gmail (dot) com.

That makes it harder for automatic spammers to send you spam emails.

Another option is to set up a new gmail account just for this type of communication. It is easy and quick and you can have as many accounts as you want.

So if you set up an account you could use that JUST for sea glass contacts.

We hope this helps.

~ David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

Sea Glass
by: Ric

I've always wanted to visit Sunderland and shall, next year.

I am American and part of the family that emigrated to the states; but John Candlish's brother Robert was my great-great-great-great grandfather.

It would be quite nice to see from where a part of the family originates.


Hey, thanks for chipping in, Ric. It would be nice to hear that the descendants of the Candlish family reunited in England. If you do get the chance, please share photos with us.

~ David @ OdysseySeaGlass

How to??.
by: Lynn Debbs

Hi, I'm Lynn and have been trying for a while to find someone interested in go to Seaham Eng. w/me. responded 12/15 but I don't know if there's a way to contact people on Odyssey's sight.

I would leave my contact info, but don't know if we are allowed to. Help!



Hi LynnD,

If it's not commercial, no problem leaving your contact info here.

However, use instead of the @ symbol in your email, use (at) with spaces and (dot com).

That's to avoid spam machines from finding and copying email addresses on the web.

For you folks with businesses, go to the bottom of the left column where it says Sea Glass Directory for a free listing.

~ David from Odyssey :-)

For Lynn D. in Ma.
by: Paula J

Hi Lynn,

Am wondering if you made it to Seaham Beach?

I live in Ma. also and collect sea glass ( I actually make jewelry ).

I'd really love to go there one day!

I seriously spend many hours combing the beach I live on...

Paula J.

by: Lynn D.

Hi , I would love to go to Seaham , UK. to search for the multi-colored seaglass.

I've read that going in winter is much more successful and you avoid crowds.

I am willing to go alone, but think it would be much more fun to be with someone who is also a huge sea glass fan!!!

Anyone out there interested? We could even form a group.

The cost would be less if 2 of us shared a room.

I would be more than willing to research the adventure. I already have done quite a bit of research.

If you would initially contact me through this board, that would be
great. I live in MA.

Thank you!

Best B&B in Seaham
by: Nettie

If you are planning a trip to Seaham, the best "five star" B&B to stay at is Eastshaw Guesthouse. It's only a five minute walk to the beach!

Mick and Julie will show you the best places to comb! Excellent findings!!!

Sea Glass Seaham England hotels
Eastshaw Guesthouse, Seaham, England
“The Best B & B we have stayed at!” 5 of 5 stars
"This was an amazing find for us. The balance of high professionalism combined with making us feel welcomed and relaxed was wonderful. MIck and Julie were keen for us to have a lovely holiday and they succeeded."  More Reviews...

My trip to Seaham
by: cinda

I went to England and Scotland in May 2013, one of my goals was to go to Seaham.

I have congested heart failure and walking and climbing is hard for me.

But on a raining day in May, I made to Seaham at high tide, I had to stay the day to get to low tide.

I enjoyed the little cafe and had the best hot soup.

It was worth it as I climbed over the rocks in the pouring rain and collected about 20 pieces from the cliffs in the park.

Later I went down on the beach side and collected another 30 pieces including a glass stopper, a marble and other colored glass including a red.

It was one of my best stops in my trip in 13 days.

I go back in a heartbeat............

Cinda from Maine

Sea Glass Seaham England hotels
Eastshaw Guesthouse, Seaham, England
“The Best B & B we have stayed at!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 11, 2012
"This was an amazing find for us. The balance of high professionalism combined with making us feel welcomed and relaxed was wonderful. MIck and Julie were keen for us to have a lovely holiday and they succeeded."  More Reviews...

by: Anonymous

Seaham beach is amazing , I go there every day to collect my sea glass , its worth a visit where ever you are from :-)

See Seaham!
by: Paul Sta

I hadn't even heard of Sea Glass until last week on holiday.

In conversation with a lady from California, she mentioned that one of the best places to collect it was the beach at Seaham.

I was born and now work in Sunderland, just down the coast, where John Candlish is indeed a well known benefactor (statue, street name etc!)

Sunderland has a history of glass production, but I don't know about the making of glass in Seaham...locals there would no doubt inform.

Would love to go!,
by: Lynn

Are there ever any small groups out there that arrange trips to Seaham beach?

I live in Plymouth MA. In the usa, and would love to go.

If so, could you please respond to odyssey.

Seaham Beach Sea Glass
by: Craig

Seaham Beach, Sunderland, UK excellent beach loads of glass

Craig, Durham City UK

by: robert fuller

This is what i know - in the 1800s there were 2 victorian bottle factories there owned by a man called John Candlish.

John and his brother ran the 2 factories. He also had 2 in Sunderland.

All the end of day waste glass was tipped over the cliffs. John Candlish also ended up a MP for Sunderland. His statue is in the city park.

In his early days he also had a shipyard.

Good old John Candlish... wonder what he would think now about his waste glass being gems of the ocean!

There was also a pottery (factory) there.

Hope this helps. You can read this type in Google and search history of John Candlish

Looking for the Best Beach...
by: terri bahr

I am coming with my mother to Seaham for one day of hunting sea glass (or beach glass) there one beach that I should go to...or one area?

My mom's getting older and her beach glass days are probably not for too much longer so I thought this would be a fun diversion from London.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated!


Hi Terri,

Travelers recommend the following hotel. Let us know how it goes!

David and Lin

Sea Glass Premier Inn Sunderland - about 8 miles from Seaham, England
Ranked #1 of 9 hotels in Sunderland  -  5 of 5 stars 31 reviews
    “Superb value stay”
    “Reasonably priced rooms with great ser...”

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